Thoughts From The Wilderness – “Only Half The Story”

How often do we only get “half the story?”


Now, if you’re the parents of an adolescent teenager, getting only “half the story” is a concept I’m sure you’re exceedingly familiar with. If not, what parallel universe are you currently residing in??

Having been through “that stage,” I can only say and offer this a bit of encouragement.

It may get better as time moves on and the “young darlings” mature. On the other hand – not so much.

The “half the story” concept and teenagers tends to read and go something like this.

Teenagers – “Going to stay overnight at Mary’s”

You: “Okay – have fun. Will Mary’s parents be home?”

Teenagers – “Yup”

Next Day

You: “How was the overnight at Mary’s? Anything exciting happen?”

Teenager: “No – not really”

Reality is…..

The “other half of the story” may have this ring to it.

  • Yes, Mary’s parents were home……
  • Until 5:00pm at which time they headed out to Mary’s aunt’s farm until the next day.
  • At 7:00pm, the kids from Mary’s and “the teenagers” class from the local high school started to show up for the party.
  • 11:00pm the police arrived due to a noise complaint from a neighbour

Parenting bliss is often described as “not knowing the other half of the story.”

So, perhaps parenting bliss isn’t that.

But more often than not, there is way more to the story then is presented in a paragraph or two of text.

Any Parenting 101 class/classes, need to have as a minimum these included as part of the curriculum:

  • “Reading Between The Lines”
  • “The Story They Give You Is Only Half Of It”
  • “Effective Questioning To Determine The Other Half Of The Story”

Unfortunately, even the most seasoned and effective Crown Prosecutors here in Canada concede defeat when questioning their own children along the lines of “did anything exciting happen?”

There is always “the other half of the story.”

Getting it from a teenager who is unwilling to give it up, is akin to trying to win the lottery.

Virtually impossible.

Alias, perhaps parenting bliss is “not knowing the other half of the story.”

The only wisdom in parenting I can impart is this.

There may be a day sometime in the distant or not too distant future, that your children will have to pick out the “retirement home” you’ll be heading to. Always best to build up the “brownie points” with them, long before that day arrives.

In other words, it’s best NOT to piss them off on a somewhat frequent basis, whether they are teenagers or even if they are in their mid-thirties, by trying to “figure out the other half of the story.” 

Remember, the “retirement home” day may come! Make it a good choice for yourself by building the “brownie points” NOW.

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…. and remember……..


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14 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – “Only Half The Story”

    1. That they do. Having walked that line with our own family, it can be a challenging time for teenagers as well. Gaining independance and trying to find their own place in the scheme of life is a tough road at times for them too. More often than not, it all works out and life is good.

      There are those other times, when just another glass of wine might help. lol

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

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