Muskoka Sunshine

We can thank the gas gauge on our car for Wednesday afternoon.

With Lynn on the mend from this ongoing muscle injury, but not wanting to push it too hard just yet, we thought a trip to a location north of us would fit perfectly on Wednesday. However, the need to turn off the highway to get a bit of gas, combined with not being far from a just-passed exit, resulted in a slight, albeit good change in plans.

With all the rain we’ve had on and off this spring and at times cooler temperatures, this turned out to be one of those glorious early May afternoons. Sunshine and temperatures that warmed both the air and soul as the minutes ticked by.

With a change in plans made, we headed over to check out Lower Rosseau Falls. Lynn had wanted to practice some photography techniques using neutral density filters and slow shutter speeds, hence this seemed like a perfect spot.

We had visited this area, back on New Year’s Day 2018 when it was south of minus 30 degrees Celsius – yikes!


Not quite so cold today.


A few pictures from the afternoon.







Unfortunately, time was our enemy during the afternoon, and as it crept onward we needed to turn around and start the trek back to the “old homestead.”

This northern area of Muskoka is a gem on many levels. Wonderful scenery combined with quaint villages and exceptional resorts has all the ingredients to create what would be a superior trip. Whether it simply be a day cruising the area or perhaps a longer vacation time, checking out Rosseau and the north Muskoka area would be well worth your time and effort.

Just a few short hours on a Wednesday afternoon in early May was pretty much just what “the Doctor ordered.” Sunshine, warm temperatures, beautiful Muskoka scenery and someone special to share all of it with.  Warmth for the skin and for the soul is a pretty effective prescription for whatever ails you.

I can’t ask for more than that!

Well, more time spent there perhaps.

Thanks for stopping by.

……and remember…..


—  get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself  —



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