Thoughts From The Wilderness – Four Things To Do When Life Gives You A Soaker

In my opinion, a problem derails your life, and an inconvenience is not being able to get a nice seat on the un-derailed train.

Carrie Fisher

Another title might be “How To Deal With Those Minor Inconveniences Of Life.”

Whether we like it or not, there will be those times when one or both of your feet will get wet outside. Yes, life has been known to offer up a “soaker” from time to time.

If the term “soaker” isn’t in the vernacular from where you’re from, a “soaker” is simply getting an unexpected wet foot when doing something outdoors. Like stepping inadvertently in a deep puddle or when hiking and your foot slips into a small stream or wet area.

Having said that, apparently, there are a number of “other definitions” of the term soaker. Kind of wish now that I hadn’t clicked on the “Urban Dictionary” definition of “soaker.”

And, furthermore, who would have known – THAT?

Damit, I’ll never get that image out of my mind.

Surprisingly, however, the term “soaker” made it into a 2013 McLean’s Magazine article, 11 Canadian Words, Phrases and Slang Most Americans Wouldn’t Understand.”

Nevertheless, here in the Great White North the term “soaker” looks something like this.


Now, most people don’t go out looking for a soaker, soakers just happen.

Unexpected and for the most part not wanted at all. Unless you’re a five-year-old and happen to spy an enticing puddle through the front window after it stops raining. Usually, at this point, you run outside with Mom and bolt immediately towards the water, gleefully jumping and down, while Mom scans the neighbourhood to see if anyone is looking. And with any amount of luck, Mom momentarily loses her mind, jumps in and splashes right along with you.


A question to ponder though is, “are soakers a big thing?”

Generally, they’re not a big deal at all.

Your feet get wet. Perhaps there might be some dirt or mud to clean off after, but not a thing to “get your underwear in a twist over.” On the other hand, if it happens to be in the middle of the wilderness and it is minus 40 degrees out, then the answer would be, “Yes, now you have a problem that might have some dire consequences.”

But much like getting a bit of a soaker in the outdoors, life can throw us, “soakers”, as well. Most of the time, in retrospect, they were just those, “little annoying hiccups along the road of life.” 

Nevertheless, a “soaker is still a soaker” that can cause if we allow them to, a significant amount “getting one’s underwear in a twist.”

How To Deal with Life’s Little Soakers or Issues

First, we need to state emphatically that YOU WILL GET A SOAKER every once in a while. They are by their very nature, unavoidable. A bit of an extreme analogy, but think death and taxes. You can try as you might, but at the end of the day – unavoidable.

Four Things That Might Help

Recognize They Will Happen

“Recognize they will happen” implies something obvious. So, when they happen, it shouldn’t come as a big shock. Remember, “soakers” ARE NOT the major trials or emergency’s we experience. “Soakers” are those minor and often annoying issues that get thrown at us.

There isn’t one of us out there that is immune from having trials and tribulations, whether they be major or minor, that occur from time to time in our lives. However, if you are one of those who mistakenly follows the philosophy of “I can avoid all issues in life,” then you will be in for a major shock at some point if it isn’t already happening to you now.

As such, we may not know where, when or how, but be assured though, they will occur.

Now when it happens, there is no need to collapse on the carpet, kicking and screaming like a three-year-old having a melt-down when they do. However, if this is your typical response, please capture it on video and post it on Instagram as soon as possible.

Showing it live would be even better.

Try To Plan If Possible

Going on the assumption that the first point is etched in stone, try planning to deal with some of them, if at all possible.

A bit of planning beforehand may help to mitigate the impact of a “soaker” when they occur.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you know that in three or four years you will need to have the roof on the house re-shingled.

Knowing that, but waking up one morning four years hence and seeing water stains on the ceiling and now having an outlay of perhaps $5000 for a roof shingling job, that’s a classic “soaker.”

If you know the job needs to be done at some point in the near future, try squirrelling a few dollars away each week in a “roof fund.” So when the inevitable happens, at least you’ll have some of, or the whole cost of the project covered and thus gloriously avoiding a roofing “soaker” event.

Most “Soakers” Are Minor

“Soakers” aren’t “soakers” if they are major in scope.

What we’re talking about are those minor and yes, annoying inconveniences that slap us in the face from time to time.

Minor issues for the most part, only require a minor or small amount of a response from us to deal with them.

Why waste an inordinate amount of time, energy and emotional well-being on something that in the big scheme of life is “small potatoes.”

Deal with it in a way that is most appropriate for the situation and then MOVE ON with life.

Work On Yourself

Looking back at Point 3, “soakers aren’t soakers if they are major in scope.”

As such, react accordingly.

However, if you react to each minor trip up in life as being a major catastrophe, then perhaps now is a good time to take a step away from the situation to see why you’re reacting this way.

A nuclear reaction to a “soaker” that is more or less a firecracker event, suggests that there may be some underlying issues to identify and work on.

  • try to think back issues in the past that have now led you to react like this
  • speak to a trusted friend or your spouse
  • consult with a professional counsellor or therapist

Overreacting to each minor inconvenience that comes along in our lives, is such a waste of energy, but more importantly your emotional wellbeing. Not only your own but the emotional wellbeing of those around you.

If every issue that pops up results in a reaction from you that is nuclear in scope, I would imagine that those around you feel like they are leading a life “like they’re walking on eggshells.”

If so, you may have some work to do.


“Soakers” or those irritations and issues that occur in our lives are minor in the big scheme of life.

Treat them as such.

They’re going to show up sometimes on a daily or perhaps on a more frequent basis than we may wish. And regardless of how much we mix up some magic potion and twirl our “Harry Potter” magic wand to make them go “poof” and disappear, remember – they won’t.

Don’t get “your underwear in a twist”; embrace them; deal with them, and then move along.

You see, tomorrow a brand new and exciting “soaker” may be waiting as you roll out of bed.

Aren’t we lucky?

Thanks for reading!


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20 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Four Things To Do When Life Gives You A Soaker

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

      When we know those annoying, but yet somewhat troublesome “soakers” are going to pop up, often that is half the battle won.

      I wonder if people sometimes overreact because so often we’re stretched so thin in our daily lives, that any little spark can set off an explosion?


  1. lol you could link this to my “dramatic” prompt this week Glen … if they behave like drama queens then they do need help!
    Your term “underwear in a twist” sounds rather British to me … we say “don’t get your knickers in a knot” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We tend to use both here in the colony. However, “don’t get your panties in a twist” is used most often. I wanted to be all-inclusive. Thought “underwear” would do the trick.

      When I wrote the piece, I wasn’t thinking “drama queens”, but now that you mention it, I know some people who love to be the centre of attention. Every bump on the “road of life” is a major event, requiring all to focus on “poor me.”

      So, how do I link it to your prompt? I’m often shocked at how inept I can be with technology and such at times. lol

      Liked by 1 person

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