Thoughts From The Wilderness – Past Reflection – Good, Bad or Why Worry About It?

The past twenty-four hours here in central Canada have been awash in snow flurries, blowing snow, freezing rain and cancellations of just about everything.

With all this nastiness happening outside, it provides more than ample opportunity to sit inside with a hot cup of tea and kind of chill out and enjoy my days off work. Unfortunately, there is also the stark realization that at some point, I’ll need to climb back into the snow clothes and head outside to shovel all that nastiness that has accumulated in my driveway over the past day or so.


Nevertheless, the weather outside has given me a bit of time to sit back and reflect on life. Not that this whole reflective exercise thing was something that I planned to undertake, it became more of “well, that’s where your mind went” sort of experience.

At a kind of raw or basic level, I like the concept of reflection or looking back. I wrote this back in July of 2018 – “Thoughts From The Wilderness” – Reflection

When my mind heads down the road of reflection, I constantly need to remind myself to hang a large caution sign out in front to remember that reflection or looking back will go bad, if you allow yourself to reflect back with discoloured or negative glasses on.


Since I can remember, I’ve always struggled with viewing life and situations through a lens of negativity.

You see the glass as half full, I see it as half empty.

I recently posted that one of my goals of 2019, was to try to produce “Thoughts From The Wilderness” articles that have a distinct positive ring to them. Four Benefits Of The Power Of A Positive Attitude.

Unfortunately, sitting around for the past twenty-four hours or so, these reflective times have headed down the “negative road” of the past. Issues that were; things that should have been, but weren’t; things that might be, but haven’t happened yet. All that stuff, that in reality does no one, especially me any good.


And so, the journey continues.

Realistically, I can tell myself with all honesty and certainty that there is really nothing negative to focus back and reflect on. Of course, there are those instances that were negative, but why reflect and continue to reflect on those, when there are so many positive and uplifting moments that cancel the negative ones out ten to one or better.

If I could answer that question as to why the negative versus the positive reflection, I could bottle the answer, sell it and retire.


Maybe this is simply a component of the growing process. Those past issues and hurts causing us to grow and strengthen as time progresses.

I’ve often used the phrase, “In order to move forward, one needs to look back to see where one has been.”  Maybe that is simply what this is, a challenging but necessary element to move forward.

I shouldn’t feel down in the dumps today.

Yesterday, despite the snow and general poopiness of the weather, I received an email indicating another article would be published the first week of March and not long after getting another email that the same publication wanted to do an interview with me for a “Spotlight on Writers” series.

So, all in all, life here in the snow belt is pretty good.

In the post, I made back in July “Thoughts From The Wilderness” – Reflection, I had this sentence, “Conversely, we also need points when reflection is simply sitting and relishing at the moment.”

Reflecting on the past can be good; dreaming the future can be dandy as well, but the reality is all we ever have at any one point is the present.


Today I think, is a day to relish and be grateful for the present.

Be in the moment; hang onto and love it for what it is.


What do you do or measures do you take when you find that if reflecting on the past dwell in the negative when there is so much more positive to focus on?

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your responses.




— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

7 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Past Reflection – Good, Bad or Why Worry About It?

      1. I have lots of further comments on the subject. In fact I will probably do a whole post on it.
        I am also of the opinion that regret, over thinking, negativity are all a huge waste of time and energy.
        Like the best of is, I am prone to all of these too at times but I keep trying to eliminate them them from my life. It is a work in progress!

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