Blumination – Blue Mountain Village

Let’s get this straight right off the top. “Blumination” is not the first indoor winter flower and plant show of the season.

“Blumination”, is, however, a show.

A fantastic Christmas light show and display located within and around the grounds of Blue Mountain Village, near the Town of Collingwood.


From the Blue Mountain Village website: “The Blumination Dream Trail is a one-kilometre, magical winter stroll within the Village, around the Mill Pond, and straight through your mind’s eye. Featuring a number of interactive and entrancing light installations, it’s like Blue Mountain “through the looking glass”, a snow globe with you in it. It’s a mega-watt winter experience like none other in the region. The Dream Trail is completely free for you to experience and enjoy!”

So, with a description like that, who would NOT WANT TO GO?

We had been planning to drive over ever since it opened at the beginning of December. Our thinking was to head on over on one of my days off, which fall during the week figuring it wouldn’t be as busy.  However, the timing never seemed to be in our favour. In addition, we aren’t able to leave our dog, Katie, for extended periods of time, as she needs to get outside to the bathroom on a frequent basis, given her illness.

So, with the days creeping along, we decided last Saturday to head over to check it out. I knew that I would have to carry Katie much of the way, as she gets tired walking a significant distance, as well she gets cold fairly quickly.

Then came a brainwave.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 5.09.14 AM

Why not see if Katie would sit wrapped in a blanket inside a gym type bag, that I could carry?


The result – she thought it was alright. Riding in style with “the old man.”

Busy, hardly begins to describe Blue Mountain Village and Blue Mountain last Saturday(December 29th). It’s the Saturday night between Christmas week and the week of New Year’s. The mountain is lit for night skiing as it usually is. Every room available in “The Village” would have been full. Every seat in all the restaurants would have been occupied. All of this combined with people arriving to view the light display.

So, busy was an understatement.

Luckily, we found a parking spot close in one of the adjacent resort parking lots. We loaded Katie in the gym-bag and off we headed.

Blue Mountain Village and the Central Base area for Blue Mountain is spread over a fairly large area. Even with tons of people out and about, one didn’t feel confined or catastrophic. At least I didn’t and I don’t usually like large crowds of people. I think it was that with all the people strolling about on a wintery evening enveloped in the lights, the sounds and those wonderful smells emanating from the many restaurants, everything combined, blended and melted together to create the magic for the night.

So, a few pictures from the evening.

Getting started for the evening.




The haze at the top of the next picture is the resort making snow at night. After the resort ski hills close around 9pm, a night operations grooming crew hit the slopes to groom the man-made snow or any natural snow that has fallen. This is done overnight, so the resort is ready to go again in the morning.






Is that a flower I can have a taste at?




A shot across a small pond in the middle of The Village with one of the hotel complexes in the background.



Come on Mom. there is so much more to look at!



Where Lynn and I went for our anniversary dinner this year, courtesy of our daughter Sara.


“The Westin – Trillium House” at the base of the ski hills. It is a Top 20 Canadian Resort awarded hotel and, the only Ontario hotel to receive this distinction.





As outings go, it was special for a couple of reasons. One, it was the holiday season and who doesn’t enjoy a Christmas light display? And it was a great one at that. Secondly, we discovered that Katie quite enjoys riding in “The Bag.” This I’m thinking will allow us to get out on adventures that might be shorter in length and a little easier, but they would be outdoor adventures nonetheless.

Lastly, Lynn and I needed a night out. With everything that has occurred in our lives over the past several months, it has felt like we’ve been beaten down at times. Our trip over to Blue Mountain Village was an escape from the reality of life, if only for a few hours. So, a much needed time away.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

A question for you is, “did you do anything over the Christmas holidays to escape from the busyness of it all? Even if it was just for an evening or a few hours during the day.”



14 thoughts on “Blumination – Blue Mountain Village

    1. Thanks. “The Bag” was a last minute idea. Didn’t think it would work well, as Katie can be a bit of a “wiggle worm” when she gets picked up. But, she doesn’t seem to mind. Up until her cancer diagnosis, we would take her a fair bit if it wasn’t going to be too difficult a adventure or hike. Because it can be so cold here, although not so much lately, she does get cold even wrapped in a blanket. I can feel her starting to shiver, so off we head back to the car. It seems to be working so far, so we’re grateful and happy to get out and bring her along with us.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. oh how wonderful that you’ve found such a convenient way to transport Katie!

    Just love all those lights and frankly it looks surreal, especially that shot across the pond, how magical … what a great escape 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a great evening. A little over-hyped in the advertizing, but that’s okay. I think magical is a great word to describe it. Just letting all “the stuff” dissolve away and allowing your mind to “be in the moment” and to be a “component or part of the display”(if that makes any sense) made the evening. Like being a child again.

      And Katie loves “The Bag. ” We went out yesterday on a trail with her. All was good. I think she feels safe wrapped and snuggled tight in “The Bag. ” In fact, she climbed back into it in the back seat of the car on they way home and fell asleep.

      Liked by 1 person

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