Thoughts From The Wilderness – Mountain From A Molehill

Things happen in life. In fact, life happens and things in it, happen all the time. Every day, week, month and year after year. Things happen.

The question one needs from time to time is, “Why do I always create mountains out of a molehills?”

Why do I always make “something that happens” far worse and way more difficult than it actually is?

Lynn’s not going to be happy. Not happy at all.

Those were the first couple of thoughts that popped into my head when I heard a small, but terrifying thump in the snow beside me when on an adventure last winter.


Seems the plastic bushing on the handle of Lynn’s tripod cracked or was previously cracked and the handle, broken bushing and adjustment screw fell off while returning on the trail back to our car.

The amazing and somewhat miraculous thing is I managed to find all those small bits in the snow. One wrong step and I’m thinking all those tiny, but important parts could have been buried until spring or even worse ………………lost forever.

In hindsight, we’re both relieved that I stopped and did a quick look down to figure out what I heard and didn’t go hopping about in the snow like someone with their foot on fire.

Still, I can’t believe I saw the broken bushing and adjustment screw sitting there all pretty on the trail in the snow waiting for me to pick them up.

Luckily, I have some industrial adhesive which should repair the broken bushing and hopefully, the tripod will be good to go after that quick and simple fix.

Thinking about it, perhaps what the picture above captures is really a metaphor for our lives. A metaphor for living.

You know, things seem to be going along well………..“life is tickety-boo” you might utter when chatting with a friend over coffee. And you know what……… just might be right. In fact, you’re more than likely right.

The reality is though, all of us at some time or another have had those pesky “adjustment screws and bushings in our lives crack and fall off in the snow someplace” – metaphorically speaking.

Why? Because something happens……….many times and in fact most times its usually small stuff…………….sometimes, unfortunately, it will be big stuff. Regardless of whether it’s the big stuff or small things ……………..stuff is going to happen. Why? Because life happens.

So, what do we do?

Well, if you’re anything like me and regardless of whether the issue is big or small, you’ll run around stomping your feet, while at the same time taking the use of “four-letter words and phrases” to new and terribly embarrassing and ugly heights. All of this usually making the situation far worse and complicated than it originally was or needed to be.

Ninety-nine percent of the time what happens to us are those small things.

Take the time right this very moment to look up “makes a mountain out of a molehill” and you’ll find reference to me.

What is the whole “mountain out of a molehill” thing?

Mountain Out of a Molehill

Without getting too deep, the “mountain out of a molehill” is moving emotional baggage(dirt) from area to another. We bring or dig up emotional baggage from one significant area of our lives and drop it into or onto a minor issue that is happening at the moment. It is easier to “move the dirt than deal with the dirt”, which can be for some, an intimidating process to say the least.

When we’re like “a mole” burrowing our way through life, the dirt(baggage) gets disturbed and needs to go someplace. If we haven’t dealt with it, we push it along and dump it someplace else(the minor issue). We unconsciously throw the dirt or baggage on these minor issues and the result is those issues feel bigger and more significant to us than that actually are.

Hence, “mountain out a molehill.”

What should or could we do then?

Based on years of experience, mostly compiled through the “school of hard knocks”, when the “adjustment screws and bushings in our lives crack and fall off in the snow someplace” ………………. I really try to:

Steps to Stop Making Mountains Out of Molehills

  • stop;
  • look around;
  • evaluate;
  • pick up any pieces;
  • search for some glue;
  • fix a repair;
  • see what happens next.

The truth be known though…..I tend to fail miserably at it.

Because if you don’t(stop; look around; evaluate; pick up any pieces; search for some glue; fix a repair and see what happens next) and you do the opposite(see paragraph above relating to stomping and “four-letter words and phrases”), you’ll create this……..

Source: Google Images

After finding and picking up those small broken pieces on the trail last week, doesn’t it makes sense to try and fix and patch up the handle? Lynn doesn’t have to throw away the whole tripod just because some small piece is broke. We just need to try and make a tiny repair to the handle.

In the same way, we don’t need to think our lives have been thrown away or have come crashing down, because one small “cracked bushing” or “adjustment screw” has fallen off.

Perhaps if we just stop; evaluate; pick up any pieces and find something(glue) to effect a repair; do the repair(so do something) and then see what happens.

If things work out………………….great.

If not………..well is it or was it that big of a deal to start with?

Ninety-nine percent of the stuff that happens is small anyway. A good strategy at that point might be to……………………….TRY SOMETHING ELSE!

Perhaps move on.

Source: Google Images

And besides, if we really continue living our lives “making mountains out of molehills” in every situation when “stuff happens”, I think it becomes an exhausting climb for us and more so for those around us.

As well, we stand a dandy chance of getting eaten by a giant mole.

molehill 1
Source: Google Images

How do you react to situations?

Do you make problems seems far bigger and complex than they actually are?

Do you have any strategies you use to not create “mountains out of molehills?”

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Mountain From A Molehill

  1. Interesting issue, you have discussed. ( Do I sound like Yoda? ). Any way I read somewhere that if something happens in your life that you are finding difficult to deal with, then think : how will I view this issue in 2 years time or 5 years time. The objective is to put it in a true perspective. Things which seem of monumental importance are often forgotten in a few weeks/ months, depending upon their magnitude.

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