Thoughts From the Wilderness – Five Easy Ways to Be the Light That Shines on Others

“A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.”

Although originally posted in September 2017, I thought it was relevant to give it a bit of refresh and a re-post, seeing as we’re back to the leave changing time of the year.

Besides, we all need a reminder that we can be the light that shines into someone else’s life.


Where we live in the north Simcoe County area, the leaves really haven’t dramatically started to change colour. Last week the leaf change was reported to be at “near peak or at peak” in the Algonquin Park area. It wasn’t.

As we drove through that part of Ontario, the leaves had certainly started to change, but the colours seemed muted and a bit washed out. There have been several reports that the wet spring combined with abnormally high temperatures the last week or so have stalled the leaf colour change.

Sometimes life is like the leaves in the picture above. Lynn captured this shot along the Magnetawan River in the middle of September.

In a sea of darkness, all we need is a little light shining down on us for our brilliance to pop out.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 5.46.16 AM
Source: Google Images

The light that shines down doesn’t need to be much, but just enough to make us totally different from our surroundings.

We tend to live in a world that can be and is at times very dark. Rarely a day goes by without news clips of some tragedy; two countries in conflict or some violent act that rocks a nation. It’s not very often that you see a “feel good” news story on the Six O’clock News.

But, what happens when you do see that “feel good” story. It does tend to shine a light through the darkness of the day. Softens the rough edges of the past challenging 8 hours. Doesn’t it make you think that for just an instance that there might be just a tiny sliver of good in the world?

You and I can be the light for someone else to shine at times. Help them to separate themselves from where they are and what they are in order to be what they’re supposed to be.

But, isn’t the problem here though we’re just way too busy “to shine a light.” Work, home life, activities and commitments don’t leave any time for anything. All we want to do is just simply get home; lock the door, and just deal with our own stuff. And furthermore, I don’t see any light shining on “my little part of the world.”

That may be certainly true and there may be a host of reasons why you may feel there is “no light shining on your little part of the world.” 

If that’s how you feel, I’m not sure anything I or others say is going to make much of a difference. Your right, we’re all busy and at times we all just simply want to get home; lock the door and keep the world outside our castle walls.

But, on the other hand, what might the day of someone else be like, if during the course of our day we tried these five simple things to shine a light in the darkness?

Five Simple Things to Shine a Light

  • tell a stranger to have a good day
  • let someone into traffic when you’re waiting at a stop light
  • give someone a shoulder to cry on
  • be present – in every situation – listen
  • support someone in any way you can

We think of this “being a light that shines” as a something that is a huge commitment to make and that there is NOOOOO way could ever fit into our hectic and “busy-work” existence. How many of us have fallen into that trap of thinking or assuming that this “being a light that shines” deal is something almost beyond reach for the common person?

If you’re trying to the light that shines for the entire world, I’m pretty sure that job has already been taken. Our task is not shining on or fixing the entire planet in one big blast at it.

Our light only needs to shine in that area of the world that is directly in front of us.

Light doesn’t have to be big, it just needs to be light. Even a matchstick lit in a dark room will cast out some of the darkness.

Really, how freaking difficult is it to let someone into traffic in front of you or to tell the person who just served your latte to you after paying for it to “have a good day?”

Yup, a little bit of light shining in the right spot can make a world of difference.

Source: Google Images

Makes the picture that everyone sees and looks at much more special.

What might be one thing you could do today when you’re out and about to be that light?


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