Thoughts From The Wilderness – Does Magic Exist?

Although, originally posted back in the summer, all we need to believe in a little magic. A little child-like wonderment at the simplicity that can be around us.

From summer 2018

While at work this week, I spent a fair bit of time thinking, “working four days a week this summer seems like a remarkably brilliant decision. But, cramming five days worth of hours into four, is creating some long and exhausting days on the job” Not a profound life-altering moment or revelation by any stretch, but at some point when I was on this mind-wandering interlude and on a totally unrelated topic, my brain made a U-turn; re-programmed the “old GPS” and headed into the realm of magic.

Don’t ask how or why? It just went there all by itself.

DSC_0043-Edit-EditMy mind decided to adventure down the toll-road of reminiscing and reflecting on those past memories of, “wish I hadn’t found out about that; now the wonder and magic about it are gone forever.”

We live in a world that most time spins at a mind-numbing speed. Careening madly out of control heading for the nearest concrete barrier resulting in carnage and wreckage to rival a late Friday afternoon when heading into “cottage-country on Highway 400.” 

The pressures and commitments put upon us to deliver more on our jobs for less. The pressures others put on us and more often than not the pressure we put on ourselves to be the perfect parents; the perfect spouse; the perfect “insert whatever fits best here.” For many, if not most of us living can result in a stranglehold around our throats, which can seem impossible to escape from.

15The internet serves as a never-ending source of sometimes relevant, but ever-increasing brain-cell clogging bits of information, all of which can be at our fingertips and eternally etched into our eyeballs in nano-seconds. We live in a world of 20-second sound bites, never really getting the full story about anything.

Want to know about a topic, simply go to “Mr. Google” type in your query and you’ll get more answers than you could ever imagine or possibly read through. All the while, trying to figure out is this a credible source?

Through all of this though, a type of innocence is lost. The innocence that simply sees and believes. The child-like innocence of believing in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.  I mean that child-like, not childish, but child-like view that simply sees something and believes it to be so.

Doesn’t need an explanation or a Google-search for an answer.

1The innocence that just simply believes it’s magic.

If most of us harken back to our childhoods, those moments of Christmas and Santa Claus or Easter and the Easter Bunny were magical in some aspect. A time of innocence and simple belief. The awe and wide-eyed wrapping yourself in the magic that surrounds and encompasses each of those celebrations. A time of blissful ignorance that surrounded us before others decided we needed to be “illuminated” with a much different perspective on how the world turns.

Unfortunately for all of us, part of our child-like wonder came to a sudden “enlightenment” the moment we find out there is no Santa Claus or that the Easter Bunny really doesn’t exist? It’s the day we figured those things out for ourselves or when our mean older sibling exclaimed, “hey you know there is no Santa. It’s Mom and Dad who put the stuff out!” 

Right at that express moment in time, a bit of our innocence vanished forever.

Why do we need to know the answer to everything?

cropped-7.jpgHave we evolved or better devolved to the lowest of lows as a species, to the point we can’t believe anything unless there is an overwhelming body of research that confirms it’s existence? All of which needs to be summarized into a maximum of three bullet points on the screen or a twenty-second sound clip because we can’t pay attention to anything for more than a minute?

What’s so wrong with child-like wonderment?

Over the past 12 months, Lynn and I have made three trips to Prince Edward Island. We’ve been fortunate to capture “magic” in pictures. Not the “Well, wasn’t that a magical evening or My goodness, the play was simply magical.”

No, I mean real magic. The magic that takes child-like belief. The magic only truly found in the Island’s sunrises and sunsets. In fact, PEI has perhaps the most beautiful sunsets found anywhere on our little blue planet.

Now, I’m sure there’s a reason for these spectacular sunsets. There is likely some exceedingly dry “hit me in the head with a shovel to put me out of my misery” spirit-crushing scientific physics related explanation for the brilliance of the sunsets here. Realistically, I should now type into Google “why are Prince Edward Island sunsets beautiful” or “what is the scientific reason for PEI sunsets” and I’m sure I would get a perfectly reasonable and three-bullet point answer albeit, “hit me in the head with a shovel to put me out of my misery” response.

But, I’m absolutely sure I DON”T WANT TO KNOW.

Once I do that, my eyes and mind would be open to that answer. And like finding out there is no Santa Claus or that the Easter Bunny doesn’t really hop around leaving chocolate, a bit of whatever remaining child-like innocence I have would be gone.

You see, I really don’t need to know the answer.IMG_20171017_183113946I’m just going to go with this as to “why are PEI sunsets so spectacular?


It’s simple and all it requires is child-like belief. Whenever we’re there, all I need to do at sunset or sunrise is park my butt on a beach or a cliff someplace; look out across the horizon and simply gaze at the magic in front of me.

There isn’t life, living or pressures of the world trying to wrestle the last vestiges of goodness and that tiny spark of hope and belief out of me. In fact, I think the magic that is in front of us and that exists in the world today is simple, not complex at all.

We search for answers that are complex and difficult to grasp and understand, to questions that are really simple, to begin with. Maybe, complex and often long-winded answers stroke our ego’s to some extent. Make us feel more important because we’re middle-aged grown-ups and that’s how it’s supposed to be. All of which is likely due in part to having that child-like innocence beaten out of us over the past decades.

On the other hand, a little bit of child-like wonderment, belief and some magic might do us all some good.DSC_0143

Getting back to the original task at hand; to answer the question “does magic exist? Sure it does.

Do what Lynn and I do and did to find out that magic exists in this world and in fact in this very country.DSC_0151-Pano-Edit

Head to Prince Edward Island and watch the sun as it sets and drops over the horizon.

Just believe in the magic. – what is so difficult about that?

What are you? Too old to believe?; too important to believe?; too self-conscious to believe? I hope not. From my own experience, child-like belief does not have any age-dependent criteria attached to it.

Remember, all you need to do is sit and believe.

Don’t try to figure it out. And whatever you do, don’t be a fool and look for something complex when a simple belief or view will work just fine.

Thanks for reading.



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