Thoughts From The Wilderness – The Fence

Sometimes fences are big deals; other times not so much. Most fences are physical like the fences around a school yard or like this one shown here. Lynn took a picture of this farm fence back in the early spring of 2017 when we were hiking the Bruce Trail on the west side of the Beaver Valley. A simple page-wire fence separating two fields.

The worst types of fences are those artificial ones we create, or others erect for us that keep us emotional or mentally penned in from living and being all we can be.

Those types of fences are better saved to talk about another day.


Other fences tend to be a little more stable that you can sit on ………………

Source: Google Images

Regardless of where you might sit on the “old mental health break fence”, or any fence for that matter, we all need to take time out of our ever increasingly insane lives and re-charge our soul.

It doesn’t have to be a big re-charging ……….. you just need to re-charge enough.

I think that there can never be enough re-charging.

Do we really expect or even believe that our lives or society at large as we know it, will ever become “less insanely busy and hectic” as time marches on. The things that grasp at us trying to steal a chunk of our time; our focus; our attention; our health(both physical and mental) each day; will they stop or at least diminish at some point in the future?

Perhaps. Maybe when we retire; if people are ever able to really retire. Problem is we’re living and alive now; today; this upcoming weekend.

A simple walk at lunchtime on a trail in a local park; a Sunday afternoon hike with the family through a local county forest; an all-day adventure along the Bruce Trail; a snowshoeing weekend in Algonquin Park. I think you get the idea.




Three words to describe a ton of different life scenarios. Why not use those three words in plans to re-charge yourself with getting outdoors and back into nature.

Five days a week we bend over backwards being: Deliberate; Focussed and Determined for our bosses and places of employment.

This weekend be Deliberate; Focused and Determined to get back into nature; the great outdoors and re-charge those mental health batteries.

Because, I can almost guarantee the “less insanely busy and hectic” ain’t happening anytime soon.


Get out there today; this weekend…………I think we all deserve it.



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