Thoughts From The Wilderness – Exposed

Exposure can be a bit of a fickle experience, depending on the circumstance. Good on one hand; bad on another; and more than likely falling somewhere in between.

Exposure to a new and exciting activity or experience can be a wonderful thing that enriches our lives and adding yet another rich layer to the intricacy we call living.

Exposure to the elements however……………..not so good. Prolonged exposure to the sun and extremely hot temperatures can lead to a miserable adventure and ultimately to serious if not a fatal ending if we don’t take a number of preventive measures to stop us from ending up there.


This piece of film Lynn found on an outing a couple of years ago. I envision or really wish it was at one time or at least had the potential to capture the memories of a special time in the life of a family or an individual. Memories of a long forgotten Christmas, birthday party or special event.

But then, something happened. Something in the workings of the universe caused it to be become exposed. To be tossed out in the middle of a field, laying there exposed to the world revealing what it truly is……………… a simple chunk of film; exposed; devoid of much usefulness.

Much like this piece of film, sometimes our lives can be exposed for all to see.

We work hard, often times too hard to present a face to the world of something that might not be quite as real as it seems ………………a movie like reality.

Thinking about it, the film that movies are or were shot on, capture a reality that isn’t a reality at all. We may believe or want to believe it, but don’t movies, in essence, present something that we escape too or even worse at times aspire too.

So, many times we create a mask or falseness that we present for the world to see. Kind of like a movie of the week.



That is the million dollar question and is far more difficult and challenging to answer then can found in this short blog.

Sometimes, who we really are; ………truly are; …… not something we want the world to see.

We present a version of reality to the world that keeps us comfortable; something we and our friends, family and co-workers can live with.

Maybe it evolves over time as a way to survive; to have people think, “hey, doesn’t that couple really have it together” or we struggle to produce the stage play of “gee, look at our lifestyle and all the friends we have; the BBQ’s we invite people over to in the summer” all the while living pay-cheque to pay-cheque and being one pay period away from having it all crumble down around them.

Maybe, it’s simply self-preservation.

Getting exposed, much like that piece of film would shatter the illusion.

Maybe people won’t like the exposed me; even worse maybe I won’t like or don’t like the exposed me.

But, have we ever stopped to think, “maybe they will like who you are ……………”

The real you……………… “piece of film that captured the movie of the week illusion you’re trying to re-run all the time”………………just you.

Sometimes, exposure isn’t a bad thing.


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