A Frozen Afternoon – North Muskoka

I feel as though I need to have a truthful moment with you……………share something from the heart.

It’s nothing terribly earth shattering, but it does comes the deepest crevices of my soul. So here it is….

I really love being in the outdoors on an adventure and in all types of weather. Okay………here’s the  truthful moment……not so much when the temperature is like…………


If you live in Ontario, or at least in the area I reside and anywhere north of that, you know that coming up to and over the New Year’s weekend……….we had some pretty record breaking and thus record setting cold temps.

Realizing that this is only the beginning of January, there is a decent chance that if temperature is the measuring stick to head outside, I might not head out again other than for work until the end of March.

As I’m not a big fan of staying inside binge watching countless re-runs on Netflix of some TV series I watched 6 months ago, while waiting for the temperatures to get above some arbitrary level that deems it safe to head into the wilderness again, Lynn and I decided to head up the north Muskoka way into the Rosseau River and Bent River area to check out the sights.

Although cold, the day dawned sunny and by mid-morning with coffee in hand and a couple of Clif Bars, we jumped in the car and off we headed. Our adventure took us across Highway 12 from home to Highway 400; north on the “400” to Highway 141.

A very familiar curve along Highway 141 and the north end of Lake Rosseau.


Along a backroad to our first destination.

pic 1


Rosseau River approaching the lower falls



We next headed over to the Bent River area to check out some backcountry along the Skeleton River.

pic 5

DSC_0076DSC_0056DSC_0072pic 4DSC_0087-HDR

pic 3As you can tell, the snow was quite deep and it was getting a bit later in the afternoon, so we didn’t make it all the way to falls we wanted to get hike to, which are located about 15 minutes from this location.


A pano shot of Skeleton Lake

Pic 2

Ice formation along the rock walls on Highway 141.


Some times you just got to get out there and enjoy.

Even though it was cold and Lynn’s fingers went sort of numb taking pictures, it was a great day out and about. With all of the hustle and craziness that can surround the Christmas season and in order to preserve what little bit of sanity I had left, a day out in the wilderness was most certainly needed.

This area of Muskoka at it’s more northern end we’ve found to be a great place to get out and explore. Countless rivers, waterfall, plus a variety of hiking trails and parks make it a super day trip destination. Add to that neat little restaurants and coffee shops scattered throughout the area……..you can’t go wrong.

Take time this week for yourself.

We’re all busy…….. we all know that.

Keep that New Year’s resolution of simplifying your life and making time to get outdoors………………. and get outdoors. It doesn’t have to be a weekend away that takes a ton of planning and or money.

Just grab a coffee or tea; pack a bite to eat and ……………………………………. just freaking go!

Hey thanks for reading.








3 thoughts on “A Frozen Afternoon – North Muskoka

  1. Loved the pictures! I spent 5 summers on Lake Rosseau (my Dad taught at the private school during the summer). I can relate to taking pictures in the cold. I tried to take pictures of the Northern Lights at -30 in the Yukon. Well worth it! The coldest I experienced in the Yukon was -53 and that is with no windchill. We’ve moved back to Ontario on lower Georgian Bay and man I can’t get over the windchill and the wind.


    1. Thanks for the kind comments. The cold temperatures for this area over the past week or so have been something else. I find the cold here has a dampness because of the water, making feel much colder and more miserable. My wife and I were in Banff two years ago and chatted a bit with a mountain guide who felt that the cold out in the mountains, although cold didn’t feel as bad as back east due in part to the mountain air being much drier. We found that as well when we snowshoed in the mountains, my wife didn’t find it as bad, even though it was quiet cold. And the cold and wind chill really bothers her. Again, thanks for commenting and welcome back to Ontario!


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