Brooks Falls – The Trip That Finally Happened.

Way back in September, we spent two days at an off-grid cabin near Emsdale, ON. You can check out our September trip here.

When we stayed there, part of our plan was to cross the Magnetawan River and bushwhack a couple of kilometres upstream to check out Brook Falls. Unfortunately, that didn’t materialize, but last Friday(November 17) and on a somewhat spur of the moment we tossed Katie into the back seat of the car and headed north to finally check Brooks Falls out.

I had managed to see one or to pictures on-line of the falls and honestly didn’t get the impression that they were all that impressive. Much to our shock when we arrived, they were VERY impressive indeed.












Check out this little video clip from the base of the falls….

In hindsight, I should have had something in the shot to provide some scale as to how big the falls and rapids really are.


On the north side of the river, much of the rock and trees were covered in a slight ice coating from the mist of the water. Very neat……made for slippery conditions though.


Although it was just a short trip and short of last-minute(I didn’t tell Lynn were we heading off to), it ended up being an excellent afternoon.

Yes, it became a bit cool in those northern reaches of Muskoka as the afternoon wore on. In addition, wow………the sun starts to set so early these days. By 3:30 or so, it seemed to be heading below the tree line, making picture-taking and lighting a bit of a challenge.

It appears we’re heading head-long and full steam into the Christmas season; between parties, shopping and family get-togethers, I think we’ll all need to take those afternoons or a full day to get outside; unwind and relax.

Last Friday, wasn’t some grand multi-day adventure or really much of a grand day long adventure at all…..but it was simply just one of those much-needed days just to head out and soak up what ever the great outdoors has planned that day for us.

I would encourage everyone to just get out; drive some place by yourself or with a friend and spend some quiet moments outside of the craziness of living. Man, during this time of year, we all need…..we all deserve that break if only for an afternoon to get out and re-charge and re-fuel.

Thanks for taking a look.


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