Pathway to Something Spectacular


On our last PEI adventure, I’m pretty sure this little pathway took us from the end of Thunder Cove Road out onto Thunder Cove beach.

The thing that intrigued me about this picture which Lynn captured, is the obvious layers in the soil that you can see on the left of it. In addition, the perspective that Lynn took of crouching down also added to the awesomeness of the picture.

Now, I’m not really sure how the pathway formed and why it is obviously so deep. My guess is that it’s a combination of foot traffic over time and with the fragile nature of sand dunes, that even the marram grass couldn’t provide much protection from years of people treading along this spot.

The thing that gets me though is that sometimes our lives can be represented by this footpath.

Even though within our lives we develop strategies and coping skills that help us to survive, there are still times when we may feel like this path.

You know, worn down because of all the foot traffic that has walked over us during our life. Our lives are laid bare of the world to see; all the layers of difficult situations; layers of time; layers of hurt and anguish.

Funny thing is, this footpath isn’t all there is here. In fact, it leads to something pretty spectacular……..


And our lives shouldn’t be defined by a “footpath.”

You see, our lives are way more than some old worn out trail etched in a sand dune of life. It may be what we may present to the world and thus what others see, however, we were created for something spectacular.

When you look at the first picture, it’s pretty hard to tell what’s on the other side; where the trail leads too. But, that worn and layered path lead us to something exceedingly special.

We all have something spectacular to offer the world. You might not believe it…..but trust me you do. Even if you don’t believe it, I bet that there are plenty of people around you who can see your “spectacularness”……………..clear as day.

So today, don’t let that “old worn out footpath” define you.

Instead, use it to lead you to your “spectacularness.” When you get there, share it with the world.

We all need to look at something spectacular.

Might as well be you!



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