Jones Falls – Owen Sound…. Well Worth the Visit

After plans for our Thursday kind of fell through the cracks and put a damper on things, we gathered up Katie; put in her regular back seat spot in the car and made a day trip up to Jones Falls just outside Owen Sound.


Funny, it does seem at times Owen Sound and that area of Grey County is our default spot to head to….and rightly so!

Okay then…….what keeps drawing us back and back you ask…….Well, let’s see……. ten waterfalls located in and around the Owen Sound and the Grey County area; the Bruce Trail; quaint villages to explore; and all this coupled with countless restaurants… really…..who wouldn’t want to spend a day or even better a couple of days checking the area out.

Jones Falls can be accessed from a side trail off 10th Street W on the far west edge of town, or even better drive around the corner to Highway 6 and park in the parking lot of the Grey-Bruce Tourist Information building.

From the parking lot at the tourist information centre, it’s about a 400 metre hike to the falls themselves. There is a metal bridge that crosses the river close to the falls. So, its possible to catch a look of the rapids and falls from both sides.

The trails through here, which comprise a section of the Bruce Trail, are generally flat and very easy, although there is no fencing or other protection around the falls itself. So…..caution is always needed when close to the falls and the Pottawatomi River. The rocks and the trail can be quite slippery!

More information on Jones Falls can be found here.

Here’s just a few of the countless pictures Lynn shot from the day:








Two or three of the pictures, I took with my phone. They should be pretty easy to pick out.

The last time we visited, the volume of water in the river and flowing over the falls was quite low. With the amount of rain and water flowing in the system this time, it made for a way better “falls” experience.

After of couple of hours here and many, many pictures later, we drove about 100 metres up Highway 6 and had a late lunch at Elsie’s Diner. As the website says….“a taste of the 50’s.”  We both a burger and fries which were very tasty, with locally sourced products all the way from the beef, potatoes and vegetables.

Very basic meals, but bring your appetite because the portions are huge.

Our plan was to then head over to Harrison Park for a jaunt through there, including a quick photo side-trip to Weaver Creek Falls. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided rain was on the menu and coupled with this was a camera battery pack that was just about out of power.

So, somewhere between 4:30 and 5:00pm, we started the trek back home, side-tracking through Thornbury and the Beaver Valley.

I must say though, it was a good day out…………in fact it was much-needed day just to get away from everything.

We’ve been very busy this fall, with work; a trip out east; several day trips and a weekend up north; hikes along the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley and all this coupled with the general day-to-day things that create gray hair.

So, I would encourage you to get outside and soak up some “nature.” Believe me, you won’t be sorry and I can assure you, you’ll come home feeling much better.

Hey, thanks for reading and take the opportunity to check out the area in and around Owen Sound….. a great spot to visit.





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