Play of The Week – 05/10/2017


Although not the best photo I’ve ever taken with my phone, this pic of a wall decoration keeps haunting me, but in a good way. The little ornament was on the outside of The Rustic Cabin where Lynn and I stayed in the middle of September.

There is something about the inscription “The Spirit of Nature” that is etched in my mind and sort of stops me in me tracks to think……what is “The Spirit of Nature” and why the emotional response?

First of all, I’m not sure if I can truly answer either of those questions. I might be able to tackle it if I was to reflect and meditate long and hard on it. But, that seems like a lot of work at 6:00am on a Thursday morning.

Perhaps though, it’s not as hard as it seems. I do have a propensity to “slightly” over think things……….there is a pretty decent chance that this is one of those times.

Maybe the words I’m looking for are ones like “connection and drawn.” Just as I’m typing the word “relationship” popped into my head. I really like the word relationship. Although “relationship” is a noun….the word itself to me suggests that action is necessary.

In other words for the “relationship” to be “in a state of being” there needs to be action.

I guess I find my “state of being” intimately tied into a “relationship” with the outdoors and nature.

So…… spirit to some degree is interlocked with the “spirit of nature.”

Seems exceedingly heavy for so early on a Thursday morning. All I can figure out is this deep-rooted/soul survival need to be outside on a hike; canoe trip; a rock scramble or whatever nature and the outdoors has planned that day.

Not necessarily for the adventure, although that’s definitely a part of it……but because I’m called to it; drawn to it; connected to it.

Something calls my spirit to intertwine with “The Spirit of Nature.”

What calls you?




One thought on “Play of The Week – 05/10/2017

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