And The Light Switch Is?……Two Days at The Rustic Cabin

Every once in a while, something unexpected and wonderful just drops in your lap;  this was one of those times.

Through a weird, but a neat set of circumstances we had the offer to stay for two free nights at The Rustic Cabin located on Deer Lake Road, just outside the village of Emsdale, north of Huntsville.


The cabin is owned and hosted by a wonderful lady Valerie-Ann.

Here are a couple of links to the cabin:

The Rustic Cabin

The Rustic Cabin – slightly older link, but gives great info.

I finish work at 12:30 pm on Wednesday’s, so a quick trip home and a quick change out of my uniform and the three of us were off!


The above bit was written about a week ago.

But, as I sit here on a dark Thursday morning, I keep trying to come up with the Pulitzer Prize-winning trip report highlighting our grand adventure and escapades to an off-grid cabin.

But, the struggle I have at the moment is to create the “gripping and awe-inspiring” trip report just like we all read from the many outdoor adventure and bloggers we all subscribe to and follow.

Perhaps that’s the point though…….this wasn’t a gripping “getting chased off the water by lightning Algonquin canoe trip” or almost tumbling off the top of “Old Baldy” type of adventure.

Nope, this was to be a weekend at an off-grid cabin on the Magnetawan River. A weekend to relax and if so desired…………………………………DO NOTHING.

So, if you’re expecting or wanting to read a trip report filled with exploits of“derring-do” and triumph over “near-death” experiences in the wilds of northern Ontario, this might not fulfill that need.

But, if you want to read about “Doing Nothing” combined no cell-phone and wi-fi signal… on then.


I wrote a little post two weeks ago as a “Play of the Week” inspired by this picture that Lynn took of the kitchen area in the cabin. Perhaps, I don’t need to write anymore and maybe that previous post pretty much sums it up.

 You can read all about it here.

I did get many positive comments on it, but I think this person said it best and I’m sort of paraphrasing what they said, “Perhaps outdoor bloggers are so focused on getting and quickly posting that one picture or set of perfectly edited pictures for their trip report that they miss the essence of the trip in the first place.”

Some pictures of the cabin and the area.


I just posted this today about what “The Spirit of Nature” is and how I’m drawn to that phrase..


A few more pictures…..

Katie doing what she does best…..


If you’ve ever thought, “Gee, what is a trip to an outhouse like?” This is your lucky day. I have a video for you. No thanks necessary!

Hahaha….and you thought?

Doing what we do best…….

So, what did our two days involve?

Mostly, doing nothing. We wandered around the area for a bit while Lynn took a whack of pictures. We both read a fair bit. I tended to nap somewhat on a couch that was WAY too short.

We ate far too much junk food from the Bulk Barn, with no disrespect to the Bulk Barn. A fine outlet for anyone who spends any time in the outdoors.

At night, we read and played board games by oil lamp and kept the wood stove going.

You know what…..there really isn’t much more I can say other than sometimes it’s worthwhile just to “Stop – Drop – Relax.” Leave the technology, Twitter updates, FB posts and such at home for a day or two.

Sure, take some pictures and you know what…….write YOUR trip report about doing nothing.

I think we all need to read that it’s okay and the world won’t end if we/you do nothing on an adventure or outing.

With 40 plus years since that first trip to Algonquin Park, I’ve come to realize something.

Not every adventure or outing needs to be epic……. the adventure or outing just needs to be.

Yup…..sometimes just need to …..

…….. turn the notifications off

…….. turn the technology off

…….. Stop – Drop – Relax

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