Play of The Week – 07/09/12017


Sometimes, one can get into a pretty tight situation.. Life tends to be like that!

It could be just me, but most of these precarious spots I’ve found myself in were “self-inflicted.” It could have been a poor decision; timing; being impulsive when stepping back may have been the better choice; maybe it was making no decision at all.

But on the other hand, there are those other ones that sneak up on you when you’re not expecting them and always when you definitely don’t need them. Wasn’t necessarily your doing, but that “outhouse” of a tight spot decided to show up anyway.

How many of us have over the course of our lives uttered this or a similar phrase: “Damn, it seems lately like life is closing in around me; I seem stuck or stifled; can’t even catch a breath; I didn’t ask for or sign up for this.” It may not be exactly that, but you get the idea.

In as much as we may be in a horrendous and difficult situation, isn’t it always that awful feeling of being insignificant or overwhelmed that often tags along and attaches itself like a leech from a swamp, not making the situation or issues any better.


Unfortunately, many times people get to what they think is the absolute end of it all; that there are no more options left.


There are always options.

From my own experience I try not to wallow or stay in those tight spots too long. Most times I don’t do such a good job and “visit way too long.”

We have two options:

  • give up and stay there(this is not a great option)………….or
  • fight and give it everything to climb out of or squeeze out of the situation you’re in(best option).

It may seem like a long way up out of the mess:


You may stumble along the way; and it may seem like you not making any real progress; and you may need some help or hand up along the way(I usually do)……..but sometimes you just have to try.

Because, if you don’t………… what’s the alternative?

These are pictures from our recent caving and crevice adventure at the Nottawasaga Lookout Provincial Nature Reserve.

If you haven’t yet, get out and enjoy some time outside. It could be the best decision and investment you make in yourself today.

Maybe the best investment you ever make!


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