Play of The Week – 01/09/2017

It seems that on many of the hikes and adventures we’ve had in the past few years, we’ve come across fairly sketchy bridges and boardwalks…… just like these ones.

Now, we all know many of these trails and such rely on the work of volunteers to maintain them and keep them safe for folks like you and me to enjoy. The purpose of today is not too single out the work or lack therefore in maintaining these two particular structures.

We did manage to cross both of them with some careful planning and a bit of luck.

But, don’t these two bridges; taking us for one place to another and over something that maybe impossible or it least difficult to cross, represent “life bridges.” The ones we encounter throughout our time here on Earth, that take us from closing one chapter in our life to turning the page to start the next one.

When we need to cross “those bridges”, we all want them to be clearly and simply marked “bridge crossing here”, combined with the finest engineering design and construction. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to kind of be driving along in our lives and get that type of bridge to cross. It’s all laid out perfect; no uneasiness to cross; and it’s easy to see what the other side is all about.


Many times however, we get one of the beauties like in the first two pictures. In those instances aren’t we left with two options. After looking at the “bridge” we may decide, “Nope, looks too sketchy; unsafe; too many decisions needed to get cross; not willing to take the chance or even worse not willing to put in the effort to get across.” And that’s what we do….we give up; turn around; not ever knowing what was on the other side.

Our second option though, requires us to step out in faith somewhat. There likely is a bit of planning involved to cross the sketchy parts; and the going may be slow. But, the rewards on the other side may be unmeasurable. Crossing those “bridges” may be difficult; scary; at times you may be facing the unknown; but that crossing and the other side may unwrap what your life destiny is.

Honestly, who wants to know what’s inside their birthday or Christmas presents. Isn’t the thrill unwrapping the gift and opening the box to see what’s inside? But, we would never know what that precious gift is, if we never take the time and effort to do the unwrapping.

Living is like that. A lot of the stuff in life is unknown and sometimes we need to cross bridges even if they are a bit “questionable” to find the unknown and discover what it is. Sometimes it might not be so good, but I think most times it’s great.

And once we get there…….”what a journey….I’m so happy and satisfied to be here.”


But, it only is if we cross those bridges regardless of the state of their condition.



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