Play of The Week – 28/07/2017

“The eagle has landed.”

Not to blatantly steal one of the most famous lines spoken from the Apollo 11 moon landing, but one morning in Prince Edward Island…….. the eagles did land.

I think most people would agree that seeing just one bald eagle in their lifetime would be pretty special.

eagle 1

Just about every morning we stayed at Dalvay By The Sea, we would get up and by 6am walk across the road to the beach for a short walk.

There were about six or so, feeding on a large group of fish that had washed up on the beach. The pictures aren’t as sharp as Lynn usually takes, because she didn’t have the correct lens on her camera and we couldn’t get terribly close without them flying of to near by tress.


Nevertheless, a spectacular sight to behold. Not just one, but such a large group.

Thanks Prince Edward Island…. can now check bald eagles off the “old bucket list!”




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