Play of The Week – 13/07/2017

Are there not quintessential images that represent Canada and who we are as Canadians? I think so.

Don’t we think Canada and everything Canadian, when we see pictures of Lake Louise in the Rockies; a prairie wheat field and elevator in Saskatchewan ; the Canadian shield in Northern Ontario; Parliament Hill in Ottawa; a Mountie in his/her dress uniform “The Red Serge.”

Yes, there are certain pictures and imagine that just breathe “Canada.”

None more so, than lobster fishing in the Maritimes and specifically Prince Edward Island.

Source: Krystle Fitzpatrick
Source: Krystle Fitzpatrick

But, in as much as these two pictures represent part of Canada and who we are; they also convey much more than that. They represent a person; a family.

I’m just putting the final touches on a piece about the person and family that own and work the lobster boat in these pictures.

You see, it was one lucky day just a couple of weeks ago when in Prince Edward Island, Lynn and I happened upon buoy #38 on a deserted stretch of beach and started the process to see where it came from and connecting with the owner’s daughter who was willing to share just a bit about her Dad and her family.

So, come back in a bit to read about the Island and this family. I’ll think you’ll like it!



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