North Rustico Harbour, Prince Edward Island in Pictures

We visited many beautiful and spectacular places during our adventure on Prince Edward Island.

One spot that stands out for me is the village of North Rustico and North Rustico Harbour. It left such a strong impression in my memories of our time on the Island. Here was truly the first spot we had to relax with a great meal and unwind after a full day of air travel and driving.

It gave us something like a welcoming gift to the Island; a simple, but beautiful present wrapped in the opportunity to walk around one section of the harbour area. To start soaking in what we were to discover as the Island’s splendour and charm, including the first of the many lighthouses which the Island is known for.

When I reflect back to that first evening strolling around the harbour after dinner at the Blue Mussel Cafe it seems like my senses went into overload from the sights, sounds, colours and atmosphere that enveloped me.

I hope the following few pictures leave you with that same feeling.











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