Play of The Week – 05/07/2017

pointer boat

This would be just about the last place to find an abandoned fishing skiff and buoys.

Now, not having extensive experience in abandoned boat finding, I would assume old boats would be more than likely found around a harbour, marina, some local boat works place, or out in the back forty of a favourite Uncle’s farm. You now, behind the utility shed where Mother isn’t likely to look.

Nope, this little darling was found in a lane way just off Highway 311 in Prince Edward Island. We were on our way to hike Boughton Island; got lost(not lost in as much as mis-directed by technology) and need to turn around… and there it was.

Lynn as always felt that this little abandoned beauty needed to be included as part of our trip, so she jumped out of the car and snapped a couple of quick pictures. And that was it.

Abandoned., but now preserved on film. Well, at least digitally.

But, what is the story or history this little fishing boat could tell if it could talk? What adventures did it have over its lifetime plying the waters surrounding Prince Edward Island? Was it handed down from grandfather to father and finally to son? How many rough days on the ocean did it have wishing and hoping to deliver the days catch and it owners back to the harbour and to family safely?

Who knows?

Maybe there are those days we feel abandoned, discarded and worn out from life much like this little fishing boat. And for sure, life can wear you out – if you let it. But, I’m beginning to wonder if the problem is feeling abandoned. Because feelings can be a fickle part of living. I wrote recently that sometimes feelings can take us to places that aren’t at times rooted in strong sense of reality. Feelings are wonderful things whether they be good or bad and are part of what makes us who we are. But, sometimes they are just that – feelings.

So, maybe we’re not really abandoned, but we feel that way or some reason.

We can be our own worse enemy at times.. We feel sorry for ourself when there is no need too; we do our darndest to have the world revolve around us, forgetting that it also revolves around others as well; we start comparing our accomplishments to those of others with some arbitrary measuring stick, feeling that we’re not good enough; and the list goes on and on.

Then we wake up one morning feeling like the world has abandoned us. Just like our little fishing boat, abandoned at the end of a lane way in rural Prince Edward Island. Problem is though, the world is still doing what it does – perhaps on those mornings the real problem is us. We just wake up that way.

And do you know what the funny thing is? How do we really know that little boat is has been abandoned. We feel it’s been abandoned by the story the picture provides. I only said it was in a lane way that we turned into get backed around. This could have been a long driveway to a very expensive home with manicured lawns and gardens. Perhaps our little fishing boat is a piece of very expensive art commissioned as an entry piece to the property.

Maybe it isn’t or has never been abandoned by anyone. Perhaps it only feels abandoned(assuming fishing boats have feelings). Maybe its been comparing itself to those big fishing trawlers and lobster boats, when in reality our little fishing boat was the one thing that gave a father the means to provide for his family. Maybe over its career our little boat helped that family send a child off to college or university. Perhaps our little boat is the only bit of history that remains which ties a family together.

Now really, does comparing ourselves to fishing trawlers and big lobster boats make any sense at all?

Just something to think about!

Thanks for reading




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