Play of The Week – 29/06/2017


This series of a pictures were taken along the beach at Orby Head Lookout located in Cavendish area of Prince Edward Island National Park.


What fascinates me and which Lynn captured in these three pics is the divergent landscape found in just a short distance.

I assume that many people, when they think of Prince Edward Island think of it is red fields expertly plowed, with rows of potato plants growing skyward. Well kept farms and quaint little villages; Anne of Green Gables and the Fathers of Confederation.

A very pastoral setting which is true for the most part. We did a lot of driving when we were there. Certainly viewed farm after farm with that famous red soil and that potato crops just starting to peak through.

But, that is only one part of what makes Prince Edward Island so great.

We also saw a wide variety of other crop farms, plus beef and dairy operations as well.

The East Cape area of the province sort of reminded me of the Muskoka’s in that it was heavily treed and dotted with lots of lakes and rivers.

And none of this includes the countless fishing harbours and villages that just begged us to stop and stroll around in. What about the more urban cities and towns?

Yup, sometimes the best views or experiences aren’t necessarily planned.

Orby Head wasn’t really a planned stop. We happened to be driving this section of the National Park essentially to kill some time on your way back to Charlottetown to catch a quick dinner before heading to see ” Million Dollar Quartet” at the Confederation Centre for the Arts.

I happened to see the cliffs from the car and pulled into a parking area; walked down a path and behold, we spent an hour or more walking along the beach taking photographs.

I guess the point of this is just to get out and explore; not to be chained to such a rigid agenda that we miss these opportunities that may come up.

Which may be sort of like our lives in a way.

Maybe we get so heavily anchored and focussed on some crazy agenda, that we miss the small views and things(which may end up to be big things) because we’re wearing blinders that only allow us to see straight ahead and not much to the sides.

Someone mentioned to Lynn from the FB group she joined that if you’re driving any road close to the coast and an intersecting roadway has one of these signs “Dead End” or “Road Ends” – turn and take a drive down that road.

They said more often than not you’ll find a view that was well worth the inconvenience.

Hard to see those road signs that could take you on a wonderful and new adventure, if you’re wearing blinders.

I guess the point is get out and explore. Start today by venturing some place new, if even it is only located a few blocks from your house.

Anticipating and seeking out those small things could lead you on an adventure of a life time.

Stop looking straight ahead because you’ve put some sort of crazy life blinders on. Try turning your head or even better take the blinders off and look around. Maybe you’ll find a dirt road that leads you to one of the most amazing experiences you’ve ever had!

Thanks for reading!


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