Prince Edward Island – Day 2(I’m Going On an Adventure)

After a fitful nights sleep for me, Day Two dawned and thus the real adventure was about to begin.

We were flying Air Canada with a scheduled departure to Ottawa for 11:15. So, up and ready we were to go.

As you can see, I had put my hikers on… calm, cool and collected.

Lynn on the other hand…….!!


I did manage to get her calmed down enough to snap this one pic while waiting for the shuttle to take us over to Pearson.


The shuttle from the hotel made a couple of stops at other hotels to pick people up and lo and behold we arrived at Pearson just after 9 am.

Always wanting to be part of the 21st century, I decided to give “e-mobile” boarding passes from my phone a try.  Works pretty sweet.

boarding pass
Source: Air Canada

All I had to do was check-in using my phone or laptop(starting from 24 hours before our flight); get the boarding passes sent to my phone; walk up to a “self-serve” kiosk in the airport; scan boarding passes; it prints luggage tags; go to baggage drop-off; they scan boarding pass and take our bags; head to security screening; they scan boarding pass; go through security; when flight is called gate personal scan boarding pass; at this point all you have to do is find your seat and sit down.


Now, it could be just our bad luck, but every time we fly the boarding gate is as far from the security area as humanly possible. Today was no exception. Let’s make the gate for this Air Canada flight at the farthest end of the departures area. I honestly think we walked half-way to Ottawa by the time we arrived at the gate.

Lynn decided, however, to not waste any energy and felt we should take the moving sidewalk.


The goal was to get to the airport and grab a coffee; a bite to eat for breakfast and relax. I did mention that the gate was half-way to the nation’s capital – right?

Apparently, when the gate is so far removed from the rest of civilization, so are the places to eat. Tim Hortons was directly across from us, but I’ve never seen what amounted to a “Tim Hortons – Express” serving just coffee and donuts.

Now, don’t get me wrong I like coffee and donuts, but I don’t like donuts for breakfast, Just a bit too much sugar to start the day. Now, what….?

Seeing as we had a fair bit of time before boarding, we grab our bags and started the long trek back towards the security area.

Now, the only thing I can assume is those airport designers and engineers figure the trauma of clearing security drives people to immediately seek their next meal as a way of thanking the gods for not being body searched.

Yup, every restaurant and take-out option was right here.

So, after blessing the coffers of Mr. Hortons’ business empire, we marched back to our gate area, sat down and relaxed.


So…… Air Canada where’s my plane???


Actually, that’s not fair to Air Canada, our plane was tucked in behind the loading ramp in the picture.

But, we boarded on time and we were off on a short 45-minute flight to connect through Ottawa to Charlottetown.


The world’s smallest pretzel provide by Air Canada.


And finally….. Ottawa.


A short 40-minute layover in the Nation’s Capital what do you…. take pictures of one another.


Then we boarded this little gem for a flight of just over an hour to PEI.


Lynn amusing herself on the flight.


After about an hour or so we made it to Prince Edward Island, with Lynn’s first view of PEI’s red soil.


After collecting our bags, which took about 3 minutes after the pilot put the brakes on(the airport terminal in Charlottetown is shall we say …small), we headed over to the car rental counter picked up the keys and paperwork and was told, “just follow the blue line and your car is in spot #10.”


With our stuff stored in the back of our Dodge  Journey, we started the 25-minute drive to the hotel.

And thus we arrive…..

The hotel “Dalvay By the Sea” is a designated National Historic Site and is situated in the Brackley-Dalvay section of Prince Edward Island National Park. The National Park itself is divided into the Cavendish section located just to the west of here and the Greenwich section located about 45 minutes to the east.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 6.16.43 AM
Source: Google Maps


Lobby and central fireplace
Second floor taken from the doorway of our room
Aerial view of the hotel on Dalvay Lake with the ocean in the background. Source: Dalvay By The Sea.
From a different angle. Source: Dalvay By The Sea

The main staircase and front desk(Source: Dalvay By The Sea)


The two following pictures are of the library.



We have a lot more pictures of the hotel and the grounds which we’ll share later.

You can click on this link to learn about the history of the hotel.

This will take you to the hotel website.

This is something that Lynn wanted to do from the very beginning….enjoy!

After getting settled in, we had planned to drive over to North Rustico to look at the fishing harbour and to have dinner.

I was finding that it was becoming a challenge to keep Lynn motivated about the trip.


But, after a great seafood dinner at The Blue Mussel Cafe…



We took a leisurely walk around the harbour area of this quaint fishing village.






Tide’s out….


As the sun was starting to get lower on the horizon, we figured it best to start the trip back to the hotel.

Lynn had a couple of photography picture goals for the trip:

  • sunset
  • sunrise
  • fox

Our drive back to the hotel would bag two of them.

This guy was just at the side of the road near a lighthouse(Cove Head) relatively close to the hotel. He just stood there looking at Lynn… sort of posing for the camera.


The second was the sunset taken at the Brackley Beach area.





Our day ended sitting outside on the front lawn of the hotel, before being chased inside by the most unrelenting horde of mosquitoes the island could unleash.


It was the start of many long and fulfilling days on the island.

But, inside we went to finalize meeting with a person Lynn had met, who was going to show us the highlights of Charlottetown in the morning.

Thanks for reading…




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