The Trough of Life(or at least this Sunday morning)


Here I am on a Sunday morning at home, when I normally would be just starting work. The funny thing is, I don’t know what to do with myself.

We’re 24 hours away from flying to Prince Edward Island. So….I should be happy…very happy …….and I am. I think; sort of ….maybe? Okay…I am very excited!

But, I still don’t know what to do with myself.

Two weeks of vacation….. I should be drunk on life at the moment. However, it’s only 9:30 in the morning, so a little early yet to be “drunk on life.”

Maybe I should be getting some clothes together….I have……except they’re in a pile in my suitcase.

So, what does this have to do with the picture? Well, nothing really.

Okay…so maybe it does. Kind of makes me think, maybe I’m stuck in a trough.

You know, sort of “stuck in a rut.” But, I don’t really feel stuck in a rut or stuck in the bottom of a trough.

But, maybe there are those of us who do feel like “Oh man, I’m stuck in a trough.” Not really a low..low point, but not at a high, “Oh wow, my life of sooooo exciting” moment either.

I think sometimes we just wake up that way. Feeling like “damn I’m stuck in a bloody trough.” We’re not really stuck but just feel that way.

And that my friends are the funny thing about feelings, sometimes they’re just that….. a feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, I like feelings. Especially fond of the good feelings.  Like, when you find $20 in the pocket of a pair of pants just before they go into the wash. Even better if I find the $$$ in a pocket of Lynn’s pants. But, then I don’t say anything.

A good friend recently said to me something like:

“When I feel sad, that’s okay if it is a sad situation. Feeling sad, when there is no apparent reason to be sad is something else altogether.”

See, it’s those feelings. Feelings I think can mess around with us every once in a while; they can take us to a place not really steeped in reality. Most of the time, feelings can be spot on.; good, bad or whatever. It’s those misguided feelings that are the issue here.

Now, I understand that there is a way more that can be read into this. Depression and other mental health challenges. But, we’re not going there today.

Nope….why….because I’m not stuck in a trough. Oh, there are those days when at work I feel like “it’s a trough.” But, then I remember, “I am not my job – my job doesn’t define me.”

Wow, that may shock some of you. Why you ask? Unfortunately, I know far too many people whose identity is tied up in “what they do.” I’ve stopped asking friends and people the question, “If your job or career defines who you are; what happens tomorrow if you wake up and you’re fired or can’t do your job anymore.” It seems after that question, I get a lot of “please leave a message.”

Nope…not stuck in a trough or a rut for that matter. Sure there are those days when I think, “Man I need to be doing something else with my life.” But, then I look around me realize, “Hey, I have a beautiful wife; precious daughter; and one or two special friends and good health.”

Do, I really need anything else? Likely not.

But, if the truth be known and just between us…I always wanted to be a pirate. Kind of a Captain Jack Sparrow type of pirate. The loveable kind… not the mean type. You know….the type of pirate “who’s drunk on life or rum in his case.”

I don’t like rum…so I’d have to be a “craft beer” swilling type of pirate. But then, a “craft beer” swilling pirate doesn’t really sound very menacing does it? And, since combining alcohol and boating isn’t the best of ideas… now what?

You know, sometimes feelings are just that….feelings. Even if you feel you should be a pirate.

I may feel like I’m stuck in a trough, but as Lynn so correctly observed and told me, “You’re not stuck in a trough…you’re just not used to having Sunday off. Now, get off your a$$ and get packed or do something. Cause if you don’t…. I’ll give you a “feeling” that will knock you into the second Tuesday of next week.”

Enough said……

The picture was taken at the Algonquin Park Logging Museum. Well worth the trip to check it out. Not just the log trough….but the whole park. But I have a feeling you knew that all ready.




5 thoughts on “The Trough of Life(or at least this Sunday morning)

  1. Great thoughts! I really resonate with not being defined by what you do. We’re not what we do… we’re something much bigger than that! And hey, you wanna be a pirate, then you be a pirate!


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    1. So true isn’t it. I think when we get to the point of knowing we’re something much bigger. Not being defined by what we do; or by an illness or such, I think it is almost liberating in some way. Maybe it unleashes us to be who we’re meant to be. And that is always a gift to everyone.

      As for the pirate….working on it. Thanks for your always wise and insightful comments Joyce. Much appreciated!

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  2. heatherwharram

    Totally true. Feelings are just that and sometimes we can give them (and thoughts too) way too much importance. I like Lynn’s approach – get up and get going, most likely feel better. Truth right there. As for the pirate – Hallowe’en option!

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    1. Totally agree. Lynn’s approach to getting me off my a$$ after close to 30 years of marriage approaches violence. You did notice I put “feeling” in quotes. But, you’re right feelings can be fickle and we do give them way more importance at times. Thanks again for commenting Heather!


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