Algonquin Park – Unplanned and Unplugged


The second day of my long weekend arrived with Lynn somewhat on the disabled list, due to slamming the car door on her leg the day before after returning from that adventure – don’t ask.

She was still functional, but not up to a grand hiking or outdoor adventure. More of a road trip type of outing.

Being inspired by the moose photos posted by a fellow blogger, an early morning idea of heading to Algonquin Provincial Park for the day was birthed.

This was going to work and be a great outing for a number of reasons:

  • first….it’s Algonquin Park
  • secondly… it’s Algonquin Park
  • thirdly…we’d bring Katie with us and it’s still Algonquin Park

For those who haven’t followed us much, and you should(that is an unsolicited plug to follow our blog), Katie is the four-legged and furry member of our exploration team.


So, after quickly getting ready; packing water and food for Katie and yet another coffee for me, and with the satellite radio tuned in(it’s free until the end of May); off we headed north on Highway 11.

Having no particular agenda or timetable we stopped for a quick bite in Huntsville.

Coming across Highway 60, the gravitational pull of both Erica’s and Henrietta’s Bakery in Dwight was substantial, but Lynn said, “Don’t look and it will be all right. Just press on the accelerator and it will soon be over.” Just imagine if we came up from Dorset. We would have never made it!

With much sadness and no baked goods later… yes…it was soon over. However, let it be known, I shall return another day to indulge myself with the sweet heavenly goodness of butter tarts, squares and fresh-baked bread. Just a second, while I wipe up the drool from my chin!

Our agenda for the adventure was primarily to see wildlife and do whatever happened to present itself.

Here comes my rant!…..

I know we might have been a bit late getting there, but really now; come on!

Did the parks staff have to give the wildlife the day off after the long weekend viewing schedule? You’d think with the technology available, they could whip together some sort of viewing spread-sheet for moose and other large animals, maybe based on seniority.

Say… moose with most seniority get the long weekend off, but must report for roadside viewing at 7:00 am on Tuesday. The shift would be 7:00 am till 4:00 pm – with a suitable lunch break. I want to be fair and equitable about this – we do have labour laws here in Ontario!

Now, I don’t want people to think that I’m not grateful for the animals and wildlife found in Algonquin, because I am. However, I don’t feel it was necessary for Ontario Parks staff to have every one of the 7.2 billion black flies on duty when I show up.

Notice to Parks staff –  not necessary. Six black flies on duty at all times and no closer than one metre from me will work just fine. Do I really need to go to the courts and get a black fly restraining order – DO I?

Enough text – a few pics.










We even have video!

Did you see that black fly photo bomb the last second of the video? He needs to get a real job!


It took us a full trip from the West Gate to the East Gate and about three-quarters of the way back before I spotted this young fella.



So.. was it a good day. No, not really….it was a great day.

Sometimes, I think you just need to “go with the flow.” Don’t think about it too much, just get up and go. Today was like that; in fact, it was a much-needed day.

The simple inspiration of another blogger’s pictures! – thanks and you know who you are!

You see, I’ve made at least one trip each year to Algonquin Park since the late 1970’s. In fact, it was the place that ignited my thirst for the outdoors and adventure. But, that is another story altogether.

Algonquin Park is a special place for me and Lynn. We made countless backcountry and car-camping trips over the years, not to mentioned trails walked and hiked. A ton of memories.

I think we as humans have a special connection to nature. For some of us, that connection to the outdoors goes deep into our souls. Algonquin Park is that for me.

It’s one of only a couple of places in the outdoors I have a deep-rooted connection to.

I hope you have that place too. If you don’t, maybe head out soon, if not today and work on finding yours.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Algonquin Park – Unplanned and Unplugged

  1. heatherwharram

    Algonquin Park has a special place in my heart too – the place that inspired my adventuring. Great pics and thanks for your great writing style – I enjoy your humour! Exploration Project – aka Heather 😃


    1. Thanks Heather. I think I replied to you via Twitter. Still can’t believe your blasphemous words regarding butter tarts. Hope that doesn’t extend to all baked goods. lol. Algonquin holds a special place for many people I think. I’m glad that it inspired your adventuring. Even though it was just a quick car day trip, it was just what the doctor ordered. I’ve come to realize over the years that not every outing has to be epic; they just need to be outings. Some of our most fond ones are simple hiking trips for a few hours locally. I think the key is just to get out there.

      Again, thanks for posting. Love your blog and Twitter activity. You must have a phone or laptop permanently attached to your fingers. And congrats for hosting #CDNHikeChat over the long weekend. Well, deserved honour. We’ll connect soon!


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  3. haha Love the humor and the black fly bits. Sorry to hear about Lynns leg. Hope it’s better soon. Glad you enjoyed your visit. LMK when you’re back up again, I had no plans this weekend. Would’ve loved to meet up for lunch or dinner… certainly not henriettas… hahaha


    1. Hahaha. Oh man, the black flies were nasty. But, a good day overall. Funny how it ended up being a humorous post. Didn’t intend it to be. I’ll send you a pm when we’re heading that way again. Funny, drove right through Port Carling on the way home. duh! But, it would be coo to connect for lunch or dinner. Thanks for commenting!!

      Liked by 1 person

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