Bugs, Bugs and Oh Yes..More Bugs (Talsiman Resort to Beaver Valley Ski Club)

DSC_0873I finally had a long May 24th long weekend off.

Not the traditional Saturday, Sunday and Monday, nor was I one of the fortunate ones that could sneak away from work on the Friday to make it a REALLY long weekend, but the holiday Monday, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday was going to work for me.

Saying I was happy to have three days off in a row was a bit of an understatement.

This time, Lynn was joining in the fun. As you may have read in a couple of my previous posts, Lynn has had a tough time this spring with a severe sinus thing, plus some back issues.

Today, our adventure continued on the west side of the Beaver Valley along the Bruce Trail. We started at the top of the abandoned Talisman Ski Resort, where I had ended my previous trip. You can check-out that report here Beaver Valley – Part 2.

Parking is provide in a small lot at the top of the old resort located on Grey SideRoad 7A.


From this point, you head DOWNHILL on Grey SideRoad 7A, until the trail enters the bush at a steep and tight curve.

These pictures make the gravel road look like a gentle walk in the countryside. But, it was very steep. Not, so bad when starting out, more of a slug on the return though.

Did I mention bugs? Oh yes…..the dreaded and always anticipated friend of outdoors in the springtime…black flies. They certainly were a pain, but overall not really biting. I won’t however, need to eat much protein for the next little while.

For those wondering, black flies don’t have a lot of flavour!

One of the really neat things about the Bruce Trail, at least through this area, is its ever  changing landscape. A kilometre of two north of here, the trail follows the base of the escarpment through a sea of rock and boulders.

Today, the trail meandered through a beautiful hardwood forest.


About a kilometre or so into the forest, I could hear the sound of running water. In fact, even at some distance it was quite loud. We came across this raging torrent of a stream.



Unfortunately, neither the pictures or the video really capture the steepness of the river nor the velocity of the water moving through it. It was loud and fast!

The trail continued to wander through the forest, including an exceedingly long and bug filled uphill portion that took us up to the top of the escarpment; out of the bush and a slight breeze….no bugs.

Trees budding nicely.



This eventually brought us out to the Beaver Valley Ski Club.


When the trail entered the ski resort, Lynn started to head downslope towards the lift towers. She suggested, climbing up one would give a great location to shoot pictures of the resort and across the Beaver Valley.

Surprisingly, I thought about it for a minute or so.

That didn’t happen!


How great would this be to open your back door and be right on the ski hill.


The only way to make this sign better, would have been a Canadian flag on it and having the sign say something like, “brought to you by Tim Horton’s coffee.”


We made the ski resort our turn around point.

The trail continues to the south down one of the ski slopes. Lynn at this point didn’t have a lot of enthusiasm of going down the hill and having to walk back up it again.

We returned back the same way we came.


Lynn managed to find this little stream area to stop and snap a few pics at.


Seems like every bridge we come across in the bush, is in desperate need of repair.


This is upstream from the earlier pictures of the rapids


A few more pictures of interesting things Lynn managed to find.


Despite the black flies, it was a great day out. The round trip totalled about 8 kilometres which I thought was pretty good for Lynn given the challenges she has had this spring.

We didn’t go very fast and spent considerable time around the streams and faster moving water shooting pictures.

Take the opportunity and head over toward the Beaver Valley and Grey County for a hiking adventure. Give a click here to head over to Grey County Tourism and check out the wealth of info on trails and other activities in the area.

Thanks for reading!


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