Epping Lookout and Beaver Valley(west side) Part 1


Much of our hiking and exploring this year along the Bruce Trail has been on the east side of the Beaver Valley in the Old Baldy and Eugenia areas.

When looking across the valley, we often thought how different the Bruce Trail might be along that the top of the escarpment on the west side.

Well, we decided to get out one day and see how different it really was.

I decided on this section after consulting the Bruce Trail guide and looking at a variety of topo maps. Lynn had been quite sick for about a month or more and I was looking for something that wasn’t overly strenuous.

We started our adventure in the parking lot at Epping Lookout located on Grey County Road 7, just north of Grey Side Road 19.


Image Courtesy – Ontario Plaques

Always thought it was neat that John Muir lived, worked and explored in this area at least for a couple of years in the 1860’s, before heading back to the United States.


After parking and starting our hike from Epping Lookout, the trail followed the edge of a farmer’s field and ended up at a fairly large wetland formed by a large beaver dam just downstream from this location.



There is a very short side trail that leads down to water. Very neat. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any wildlife other than a few birds.

Nevertheless, a very calming spot to relax.


A well-crafted boardwalk crossing the creek. The beaver dam is just upstream 30-40 metres from where I am.

About 5 minutes from this point, we hiked through a small wooded area that had been obviously clear-cut……by beavers. Every stump had those famous teeth chew marks on them.

It was actually neat to think about how industrious they were in this location. It just wasn’t a few trees, it was literally dozens!


We hiked along the edge of yet another farmers field and into a forested area with the soothing sound of running water. Always a great find on the trail is waterfalls and rapids.

As with all running water locations, Lynn had the camera out for a fairly long time.

Good thing I’m patient(sort of).

Our journey rambled us through bush areas and along the edges of farmers fields. This is looking east across the Beaver Valley.


One of the many farms we came across.


And in case you didn’t know exactly where you might be, these simple but somewhat really neat wooden signs are always a relief.



We stopped and turned around at Grey Side Road 16C, where Lynn finally managed to get herself into a shot. She did find this old grey haired fella and decided to brighten his day and include him in the picture.

I did advise her that there are “strange” people out in the woods.

On our way back Lynn thought she would go one way following a gravel side road and back out to Grey County Road 7. I would follow the trail and that we would meet back at the car.

Needless to say, she managed to stop and find a few things to photograph along the way.

This boarded up church is all that remains of Epping, which once was a thriving rural community in the 1800’s. A small rural school which was in the hamlet has been converted into a home. The rest of the little village has been returned to farmland over the years.


An important thing to remember when in the outdoors is if something bad happens don’t panic; stay calm and above all don’t lose your head.


One last random picture. Dreaming of something….. in the future; ……in the distance.


Our adventure totalled about 11 kilometres in total.

The Bruce trail through at least this section on the west side of the Beaver Valley was completely different from what we had been hiking this year. Not in a bad way, but in a new and exciting way!

Rolling farmland, lovely wooded areas. Some hilly sections that were easy to conquer. Not much mud or huge wet areas along the trail. A wonderful day out.

And that is the beauty of the Bruce Trail. There can be quite challenging parts, but that is usually contrasted by these more serene sections as well. Such a great variety of hiking and exploring opportunities.

All of this and more to be found in the numerous villages and hamlets to stop in and visit throughout the entire Beaver Valley area.

Thanks for reading and having a look.

Take some time today or over the next while and get outside and take a deep breath out on a trail.

You’ll do your mind and body a wealth of good.

Stay tuned for Part 2.


3 thoughts on “Epping Lookout and Beaver Valley(west side) Part 1

    1. Why thank you. Most of the pictures are taken by my wife, who is the photograhper when we’re out. Yes, this area of Ontario has endless opportunities for hiking. Hang tight for Part 2 of hike. Trying to get it written over the next couple of days or so. Thanks again for following along!

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