Play of The Week – 09/05/2017

If you haven’t figured it out yet – we like waterfalls!


Found this small waterfall on the west side of the Beaver Valley along the Bruce Trail, just a few kilometres west of Epping Lookout on Grey County Rd. 7.

There is something therapeutic about the sound of running water. Maybe it’s the connection that our souls and mental well-being has with nature and the outdoors. All I know is, one could sit beside this little bit of heaven all day and come back a changed person.

I shot a short 4 or 5-second twitter video clip of this and sent to a friend who was unfortunately working. They also love the sound of water too as it trickles and cascades down a slope.

I also think she was silently cursing at me. I mentioned later on jealousy and envy were not a particularly positive attributes to have. I paid for that comment. Enough said.

Find a waterfall today…….

  • sit beside it
  • come back changed

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