Thoughts From The Wilderness – The Hope Found In All of Us


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Over the years, some of the things I’ve found from spending a significant amount of time outdoors are:

the summit views are sweet;

  • reaching the destination on a backcountry trip is satisfyingly great;
  • there is a beginning and ending to all adventures;
  • the part between the ends of the trip – is the adventure;
  • there will be times when you think – really?; this is what you call fun?;
  • the rewards of the trip are most times found within the small details of the above five points

But, sometimes you just got to look for them.; look for the small details and what they can teach you.

I don’t mean necessarily from a technical perspective like: I should have packed lighter;  or we need to invest in a new or better piece of equipment. All that stuff is good and important to have learned as well.

What I mean is – if we don’t look for; search out; or reflect after the trip on those seemingly small things; isn’t there the potential that we missed the lessons and growth the outdoors/nature longingly wants to; and catch this ………. give back to us.

I wonder, do we get so focussed and caught up in the journey; that we miss the essence of the journey? A follow blogger has suggested on several occasions, “You tend to over-think things a fair bit.” Now, she just says, “over-thinking!!” Maybe she’s right?

The above picture taken at one of the lookouts at the Old Baldy Conservation Area in the Beaver Valley speak volumes, but only if we allow it to.

A little bolt sticking out of the granite rock at the top of Old Baldy. Yup, that’s what it is all right. But….

Don’t we all go through those periods – where life, surviving and getting through it is comparable to trekking over a hard and broken-up granite path that comes at times dangerously close to the edge of a cliff; an endless and difficult journey at the best of times.

We stumble along worrying about what’s ahead and the danger that is just beside us. Perhaps we slip into a crevice or two along the way; get buffeted by extreme weather; maybe even twist an ankle or worse at some point.

We wonder to ourselves, will we ever be able to get off this cliff. It’s such a long way straight down if we slip and with permanent consequences if it happens.

But, as we traverse along cursing the heavens to get us off the granite covered path; that out of a seemingly hard and difficult circumstance we spy something.

Something to anchor to; something that gives us hope; a simple bolt.

Someone put it there.

We don’t even know who it was that did it. But, at that very moment they did it for us; for you; for me.

They have taken the time and effort to carefully drill into the granite of our lives. It’s obvious. They walked on the same granite and rocky plateau as we are now. But, they took time and did it anyway; they left us with something – an anchor; if we need to use it.

It’s what we were looking for……

They gave us; left us……….. hope.

That bolt anchored and drilled into that rock gives us something to attach to; an anchor  for a brief period in our life.

Now, we can screw on and attach that piece of safety equipment/protection we need  to move forward. That bolt gives us hope; a sense of security that we can climb safely down that rock face.

We now have some hope that we can get off this granite surface that has been such a difficult journey for us to this point.

Yes, the work to do it will be hard and difficult.

Yes, we likely will need some help to accomplish it.

But, we have hope. The hope that we can move off the path we’re on and onto something better. And most important….. that someone cares; cares enough to give me some hope; even if it is only a tiny little bit.

So, I my prayer would be that as each of us travel and journey along our own pathways during our life; we spend a bit of time and effort to drill and place a bolt somewhere that a perfect stranger or maybe a friend can anchor to.

A bolt that gives them hope.

Only you know what the “bolt” you place will look like.

So, go out today; this weekend; or whenever and place a bolt of hope in someone’s life.

A phone call; coffee with someone; maybe look at volunteering; make a donation to a favourite organization; maybe just talk to someone you might never talk too; be a listener; share your story – maybe there’s a person that’s needs to hear you found hope and so can they.

When it’s right, you’ll know the exact place and type of bolt that is needed.

For, if there is one thing we all need in this world…… its …….hope.

Thanks for reading.







9 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – The Hope Found In All of Us

    1. Thanks Joyce, your comments mean a lot.

      I’m writing this after responding earlier.

      That post started as a simple “Play if the Week Pic.” But, it kept, going and going and morphed into what you’ve read. Kind of had to keep going until I had it all on the paper, or computer screen it seems. I guess the universe had something else planned this morning. It wasn’t something I planned on writing, but I’m glad I did it.

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