Day Trip to Bracebridge, ON


In my last post, I mentioned that Lynn had been sidelined with a bad sinus cold thing for the last couple of weeks. Seeing she was starting to get some energy back, we thought a short hike in the Bracebridge Resource Management trail system might be alright to get started back on track.

That morning, Lynn woke up feeling not all that great. So, not wanting to spend yet another day at home, we decide to change it to a easy day trip and photograph the Muskoka River, as it cascades over the Bracebridge Falls in downtown Bracebridge.

We headed out on our excursion, getting onto Highway 400 northbound from Highway 12. It seems that over the past week or so, we’ve headed in this direction 3 or 4 times to take pictures, or just to get Lynn out of the house for a breath of fresh air. Maybe the universe is telling us we need to move here. It is a beautiful part of Canada, with the rugged Canadian shield and literally dotted with hundreds of lake and rivers. Funny thing is, it’s less 40 minutes from where we are now!

We traveled up the “400”, finally exiting at Highway 169, then following it and Muskoka Road 118 through Port Carling and into Bracebridge. As a side note, Port Carling has the most unusual, but well architectured Tim Hortons I’ve ever seen.

Gosh, the drive was worth it just to see to look at it. Maybe I need to get out more!

In the days previous, there had been an unfortunate incident on this very same river and not far from this location. A 10 year boy lost his life when he was swept over another set of falls when the canoe he was in capsized.

The location where it happened is well-marked, but has fast-moving dangerous water at any time of year. This spring, it seems we’ve had a lot of rain and with the snow melt the river levels are very high. Fast water; cold water temperatures; falls/rapids; and alcohol  don’t mix well. A real tragedy.

Here’s a few pictures to give a sense of the water speed and level.







Here’s a short video clip to help show what the water is doing.

A few of final shots.


Sick – but still snapping away!


Overall, it was a good day out. Even though I lamented to a follow blogger that I felt disappointed and bummed out that we our original plans didn’t happen, it was sobering to watch the speed and ferocity that the Muskoka River was moving through here.

Kept thinking back to that poor lad who lost his life needlessly just a few days prior.

We finished up in Bracebridge by having lunch at “The New Dairy Bar Restaurant” on Manitoba Street. You can never go wrong with BLT’s and Toasted Western’s with home fries. Nice spot to check out!

So, hope you liked it. More pictures than words this time, but that’s okay.

Be safe out there, especially this time of year(spring) when the water is moving fast and is deadly cold. Pay close attention to warning signs and don’t move outside your ability.

I don’t want to read that you’ve become a statistic, cause I’d like to meet you all some day.




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