The Person Behind the Photos

One of the things I try to do just before pushing publish, is to see if I’ve been able to include pictures that help to capture the moment and as well add richness to the story.

We’ve had lots of great comments over time, with tons of them relating to the pictures, both in our blog posts and over on our Instagram feed.

I have made mention before that 99.99 percent of them were taken by Lynn. Any that are out of focus would be mine and taken on my phone, while trying to do two things at once.

But, today I though I would I introduce the genius behind the photos.

Now, you see these pics are a little out of focus, exposures not right. Find and read paragraph above.

Lynn has always had an interest in photography for as long as I’ve known her. Even back in the “old days” of taking the film in; getting that slip from the top of the envelope; coming back in a week to rip the package open and sort through the photo right in the store.

Things started to heat up though, when one year my Grade 5 class gave me a $100 gift certificate from Best Buy at the year of the school year.

That’s when we purchased our very first digital camera. It was a small  Nikon – Cool Pix”.


This now opened up a whole new world for Lynn. Not limited to 24 exposures on anyone outing, she was only limited to the size of the memory card in the camera.

And thus, the process of taking pictures and learning the craft. In fact, she used that camera so much, the ink for the buttons and such on the camera wore off.

Next came a Canon, followed by the camera she uses now a Nikon.

If asked how many pictures Lynn has taken and are in her library, my guess might be tens of thousands if not more. We’ve had to move to external storage devices(didn’t know the term terabyte existed).

2017 has been a good year for her, confidence wise. “Experience Collingwood” a social media channel that combines the best of Parks, Recreation and Culture within the town, held a photo contest this winter to select a new photo to use within their social media presence.

Lynn’s photo made the final four and was ultimately selected as the grand prize winner.


Since that time the Town of Collingwood has contacted Lynn and sought her one-time release of the photo so they could have it enlarged(24 X 36 inch range) and professionally framed in order to donate it to a fundraising event for “Theatre Collingwood.”

She’s pretty stoked about that.

Lynn has just started her own webpage and you can head on over to take a look. We’re still kind of working on it. Neither of us are really webpage/tech savvy.

This will take to Lynn’s photography website!

These are just a couple of my favourites!

She is also one of seven administrators on a Facebook Group called Beginners & Amateur Photography. This keeps her REAL busy, given there are over 11,000 members world-wide.  You can give a click here to check this group out.

This is a “family” shot(minus me), that I think Lynn took on Mother’s Day a few years ago. The younger one in the centre is our daughter Sara. Many of you know Katie from on here and Instagram.


Anyhow, when you say, “great shot” or “beautiful capture – love the picture” you’re complementing Lynn’s work and not mine. Unless you like the picture that is out of focus.

And by the way, she really appreciates your kind words and thoughts. That means a great deal to her.





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