National Forest Day – (This Isn’t Going Where You Think It Is)

Apparently March 21(yesterday) was National Forest Day. Twitter, Instagram and such were alive with posts extolling the virtues and importance of our forested areas. All true and all very important. Preservation of our natural environment is one of the key issues in front of us as humanity.

I saw this today and thought, “well I might be a day late, but here’s my contribution to National Forest Day.”


So, don’t take offence if you think I see you as a tree.

You see, I really appreciate you just the way you are.

Go out today or sometime soon and take a look at the trees around you. Now, head back home; find someone and tell them, “hey, I really you see you as a tree.”

I’m sure that statement alone will start an interesting conversation.



5 thoughts on “National Forest Day – (This Isn’t Going Where You Think It Is)

    1. Good question. That caught me off guard. Let me think about that one for a bit?
      Got it.

      Since we’ve never actually met, and only back and forth between our blogs, I tried to think of things that might reflect who you are based on what I read. Did a bit of research. Not on you(that would be creepy), but on meaning or symbolism of tree types
      So here it goes:
      You are actually a combination of 3 trees.
      Beech – because Beech trees represent tolerance, patience and lightness or spirt and words. This is because I think your willingness to share times outdoors with others regardless of their ability would certainly entail tolerance. Any your writing and responses to comments reflect kind words, which suggest a lightness of spirit.
      Oak – symbolizes courage and power. Your willingness to go outdoors doing solo trips(even at minus 40 plus degrees), I think reflects that. Going at minus 40 may reflect something else as well. lol
      Spruce – the spruce represents nobility, generosity and peace. This kind of relates to the first one. But, taking people out winter camping, or on a backcountry for their first time or 100th time, shows a generosity to share what I think brings you great peace and enjoyment.

      So, there you go.

      Aren’t you wishing now you just replied, “hey, nice post. Thanks for sharing.” lol. Have a great day – and keep doing what you do best.

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      1. Where is the “love” button? First and foremost, no, I am not sorry that I asked that. That is simply the best comment I think I’ve ever gotten. 2, I’m totally sharing this on my Facebook in like a few minutes, and 3, I will most likely also share it on twitter. 4, thank you, what a wonderful person you are! 5. thank you again, cause once wasn’t enough.


      2. Glad it you found lots of meaning in it. It was fun to put together. I think your blog writing has a freshness and simplicity to it. You’re not afraid to highlight, “hey I make mistakes too, or things happen to me out there.” The getting lost at night going to the bathroom, while I’m sure was scary and frightening for you – it breaks me up. Sorry.

        I read and see a lot of the “summit” stuff, I think people need to see at times that it takes a considerable amount of work and at times courage to get there. But, when you get to the “summit” – bonus. As well, and maybe the most important thing is it looks like you’re having a “hell of a good time” out there. Chat later

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