An Algonquin Park Restropective

Over the past number of months, I’ve read a fair number of excellent trip reports and blogs on a variety of different and always exciting adventures in Algonquin Park.


Yesterday after I posted about a day trip with our dog Katie, it got me to thinking back to Algonquin Park and the time I’ve spent visiting over my life.


Algonquin Park or “The Park” has been and continues to be a special place. A place where when all else is going off the rails in life, a trip to “The Park” always helps in the resetting the mind, soul/spirit and body back to a better place.

For me and I expect for others, “The Park” is almost spiritual in nature. I can’t explain it, so I don’t even try. It’s just when I’m there – all is good. There is a calm and sense of serenity “The Park” gives I think for those willing to graciously accept its gift.

I made my first trip to “The Park” so long ago it’s hard to remember. It was either just before I finished high school, or the summer after I was done.

A friend in school had an older brother who had biked across Canada with his wife. My buddy thought it would be great to bike from Barrie to Algonquin. He got in touch with his brother and sister-in-law, who were living and climbing mountains in BC by this time. They shipped their equipment(not including the bikes) via bus to Barrie for us to use.

To make a long story short, it took us two days to get to Algonquin from Barrie. Neither of us had any long distance riding experience. But, with youthful ignorance and a complete lack of really understanding the effort involved, it wasn’t a bad trip.

But, the key point is this. It was that trip good or bad(it was good) that planted a seed which took root and brought me back to “The Park” for that gift it gives, each year for many decades.

Since then, I’ve made at least one trip back to “The Park” each year for the past four decades now. Many years there have been multiple backcountry trips; day trips; hikes, including many with Lynn.


I have a lot of other memories of trips and adventures to share and hopefully over the next while I can get them up on “justabitfurther.”

If it isn’t “The Park”, it is my hope that each one of you has that special, divine place in nature that gives willingly to heal, regenerate and resetting your mind, body and soul.

The last canoe trip we made was a day trip a couple of years ago with our dog Katie. I posted Katie and the “Old Girl” yesterday, but this memory is too good to keep quiet.




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