Katie and The “Old Girl”

On patrol. At least that’s the impression that Katie is leaving us with. In other words – “ducks beware.”


This picture was taken a few years back when we took some time to day-trip in the fall canoeing in Algonquin Park with our dog Katie.

As I remember, we put the canoe in and got going from the East Beach area and paddled through to Pog Lake, crossing the dam and down the Madawaska River to the beach at the Whitefish Lake Group Campground. We weren’t sure how Katie would react, as we had never till this point taken her was us.

It was a beautiful fall day. The sun glistened across the water; a slight breeze in the air; and the heavenly smell of pine trees and wilderness.

Katie would sit with Lynn at the front and could just rest her head on the gunnel of the canoe. This strategic position provided just the right spot to view the passing scenery. Ah, life is good.

This is also the day that we learned that Katie could swim. Who would have thought that those four-inch legs could propel anything much less Katie through the tranquil waters of Pog Lake.

It was also the day Katie found out that not all ducks want to play with you. In fact ducks, at least the Algonquin Park ducks don’t want to play at all.

Not long after this picture had been taken, Katie had enough. If the ducks weren’t coming to her to play, she was going to them. Yup, she bailed out of the canoe. Good thing we were almost beached at the shoreline on the other side of the river.

Just about as she hit the water and she started her little legs moving and much to our surprise swimming, I reached over and plucked her out and back into the canoe. We were shocked her little four-inch legs could generate any forward movement at all.

We did a couple of other day trips with her like that, until our old Langford met its demise one winter. We had that canoe for over 25 years I guess. It had been on countless backcountry canoe and single day trips. It had been banged up, patched and banged again and patched so many the colour was almost unrecognizable. But, the “old girl” never let us down.

One winter thinking it was safely stored on its winter canoe rack home, I guess all the patches and divots finally weakened the integrity of the hull, and with an excessive snow load that year, she broke and split in the middle.

But, in death, there is also life. The old Langford, our “old girl” donated her seats to live on as something new. Kind of “born again” so to speak.

Lynn took the seats to her cousin and had them made into a bookshelf that only has outdoor related stuff resting on them.

Not sure if Katie dreams of diving out of the canoe to chase ducks or not.

But I sure do miss driving up Highway 11 towards Algonquin with that old Langford strapped to the roof of the car.

Ducks…ducks and more ducks

4 thoughts on “Katie and The “Old Girl”

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  2. It was a fun time for sure. I think I had mentioned before, we were never really sure how she would react, since we got her as a adult. The first time, Lynn had to lift her into the canoe, but once she figured out what was going on she was OK. I don’t think she actually saw any wildlife the first time out.

    The second time was a different story. As soon as she saw the canoe on the beach and Lynn walked down with her, she jumped in and gave us a look like, “come on, let’s get going.” She would sit in the very from with Lynn or wiggle her way to the middle of the canoe. We took a towel and some cheap dollar store spring hand clamps to attach the towel across the canoe to give her some shade.

    This is were we found out she could swim. And loved to chase ducks.

    I think she liked it so much, because it was very stimulating for her. New sights, smells, sounds etc. We’ve found over time that when she starts to bug you, much of it is she’s bored and wants some sort of stimulation. Like go outside; or to the park; something different then being in the house.

    It’s unfortunate the old canoe met it’s end. I really do miss canoeing and being on the water. I found it soooooo still and peaceful. But, one never knows, there may be a new one around the corner.

    Hey, thanks for reading and commenting back. And to how you missed this. Not sure, but come on Joyce “get in the game.” You know I’m just kidding you!! Thanks again!


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