Play of the Week – 9/03/2017

Thought I would change things up a bit with this “play of the week.” So, I’d like to introduce the last member of our family “Gus”.


He’s 20 years old this year; a thoroughbred with a ton of personality. He was born in the States and has the registered name of “Known Tender.”

But, Gus is a much better name. Fits his personality to a “tee.” He’ll follow you around like a dog, except he weighs a thousand pounds and produces 40 pounds of manure per day. Imagine having to clean up that after the snow melts!

Our daughter in the background mostly re-trained him in show jumping and 3-day eventing.

We’ve owned him for quite a while now,  I’m thinking it must be half his life now. Prior to coming to us, he spent a journeyman’s life on the racetrack in Ontario. He raced out of the gate with 45 starts; was in “the money” 21 times – including 10 wins; with lifetime earnings of just over $430,000.

He’s mostly retired now; basically a really funny living and breathing lawn ornament. He spends his day eating and lounging around at a stable not to far from us. My daughter part-leases him out to a young girl who takes basic riding lessons on him. He has a bad knee, so his jumping days and eventing days are behind him.

So, if you ever meet him and show up with peppermint candy or horse treats, you’ll make a buddy for life. Bulk, no-name peppermints are fine. He’s not too fussy that way!


5 thoughts on “Play of the Week – 9/03/2017

    1. As you can imagine, horse poop is pretty damp. But, seeing as all they do pretty much is graze all day, hence a lot of poop.

      Yup. He his pretty beautiful. Must try to look for picture that show all of him. He is pretty big though for a thoroughbred, He stands over 16 hands tall, which is over 5 feet at the withers, which is more or less where the neck meets the back. He and my daughter where pretty much inseparable before she headed off to school.

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