Doesn’t Have to Start as Epic. But, It Can End that Way

Sometimes what starts as a simple afternoon outing can turn into something pretty sweet in the end.

Back in January, I wrote about a short afternoon outing that Lynn and I took over to  Collingwood and the Blue Mountain area.

Click here to head over for a glance. It’s called “Collingwood – A Couple of Hours of Bliss.

Lynn, as always took a number of pictures to capture the outing and this day was not different from any other, except for this picture.


You see, I always thought that this picture captured a great moody feeling. Wonderful texture in both the ice and the sky, combined with the starkness of the grain elevators.

If you’re like me, and I hope for your sake and sanity you’re not, I tend at times to quickly scroll through my newsfeed on Facebook. Mostly, looking to make sure the world hasn’t ended, but not really focussing on anything in particular, unless it jumps off the screen catches my attention.

One afternoon, a winter photo contest being put on by “Experience Collingwood” did catch my attention.. I gave a quick read and then simply forwarded the link to Lynn, saying, “Hey, you should enter this. You’ve got great pictures of that area. What about those one’s from when we were last there?”

And that was about the end of it. Lynn contacted them, asked a couple of questions and prior to the deadline submitted a couple of pictures from our recent afternoon spent along the Collingwood waterfront.

Not long after the submission dealing, Lynn got a surprise email from them saying something like, “Judges have selected your photo, along with three others as finalists in our competition. Congratulations!”

The point of what I’m getting to is the next picture – a screen shot.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 7.19.50 AM

It’s the “pushing me to enter.”

This isn’t about me, it’s about us. You and me.

Lynn takes great photos. Least in my opinion she does. Problem is though, at times she lacks the self-confidence in her ability. Around people she knows or in situations that may feel “safer” (whatever that means) displaying her work is safe.

Entering a contest is a whole other kettle of fish though.

The point of all of this though is, I believe that there is always someone in the world, and maybe it is just ONE PERSON that needs to see your work.

What does that mean.

It means this. If you have a significant other who’s into:

  • painting
  • photography
  • blogging(I’m keen on outdoor blogging)
  • art of some description
  • music
  • or whatever it might be

Please encourage them. Tell them to share it with the world. Help them if they’re a timid, scared, shy, nervous to share their gift. Gifts are meant to be shared. Having a gift and not giving it to someone is kind of selfish; isn’t it?

I really believe that there are those times in life when someone NEEDS to read your blog; NEEDS to see your photos; NEEDS to see your paintings, and then says, “Maybe, I can do that too.”

Why? Perhaps, it’s a random blog entry of yours (YES YOU) they read about being outdoors – not necessarily that “National Geographic” adventure, but a simple afternoon outing, that helps them to take one simple step. Believe me, it’s not my blogging, it’s all of us who write and blog about the outdoors.

And this is the important part – it is that simple step they take from reading or seeing what you’ve done – that potentially changes the entire direction of their life.

If you don’t have that significant other in your life. Be encouraged. Please share. There is someone who needs to read, see your experiences – to help them.






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