The Value of Kindness


Sometimes a post shows up that is timely. You know the one – divinely placed in your inbox and meant for you to read at that moment in time.

Of the blogs that I follow, this is one that kind of hits you in a good way.

Aurai Online is written by a fellow named Adam Morris. He states that “Aurai Online is a travel blog to find inspiration from cultural diversity, social change, and those things that make life worth living: travel stories, acts of kindness, people helping people, social entrepreneurship, environmental initiatives and interesting outdoor activities.”

Mike’s latest entry from March 4, is called, “London & The Indescribable Value of Kindness.” Given the recent events throughout the world in the past year or so, there was something that touched a nerve in me when I read this.

Kind of gave me hope that there is good in the world, even if only a smile.

Made me remember that even the smallest of gestures, “a smile” can change the direction that someone is going in.

Check out Mike’s blog and “London & The Indescribable Value of Kindness” here.

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