Why We Do What We Do


I don’t think that blogging for 10 months qualifies me as much of an expert. In fact, does doing anything for 10 months qualify someone as expert? Maybe it does, or doesn’t. I guess time as it relates to qualifications only matters when you’re sitting in the Doctor’s office.

After being at this blogging stuff since last summer, I thought a good idea just to review more for me, why we do what we’re doing.

Both Lynn and I have a passion for the outdoors. Hiking, taking adventures getting off the beaten path. Finding those, “forks in the road and taking them.”

In addition, Lynn has great skill and passion for photography, so our outings along the trail provide her the opportunity to indulge in what brings her joy.

For me hiking and the outdoors soothes and replenishes my soul and inner being from the beating that it can take from “just living day-to-day.” Much has been written about the benefits of hiking and the outdoors from a mental health and well-being perspective. Just google the phrase “hiking and well-being” and you’ll see what I mean.

As well, hiking and our adventures are just a blast to do!

We come to realize that getting outdoors and exploring, hiking, creating adventures doesn’t necessarily have to be worthy of inclusion in the latest copy of National Geographic. It just to be outdoors.

If you’ve happened to read some of our posts before, some know some are more the trip report format, while others have been more of “hey, I need to share this with you. This is kind of how I’m feeling today.” One thing that I’m trying to be is as honest and transparent as possible. So, don’t be surprised if a blog or two(three) talks about more than trip reports.

We’d love to connect with others who are on the same journey as we are. In the past 10 months or so, we’ve been blessed to connect with a few bloggers and outdoors enthusiasts, but would love to connect with more of you. Cause we know you’re out there.

So, from this stage of our journey, we hope to inspire others to:

  • get out there
  • take a hike(or whatever outdoor thing floats your boat)
  • push the limits a bit for yourself
  • be at one with nature
  • refuel your soul

Because – you’ll never know what’s around the next bend!


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