Blue Mountain Village

Sometimes the best thought out plans, may not be all that well thought out after all. So, because of that, a change in one plan worked out to be a pretty decent “change in itinerary.”

You see, yesterday was going to be a hike up through Metcalfe Rock and Kolapore Uplands area of the Bruce Trail. Some miscommunication(mostly on my part – well, all in my part) resulted in a change in adventures for the day.

After mucking about at the house in the morning, we took a drive in the afternoon to one of our favourite spots in Collingwood; Blue Mountain Village at the base of Blue Mountain.



My gosh, what a great day to be out. Although at times, the sun decided to hide behind the clouds,  the temps were warm; people where friendly; the scenery was spectacular, all of this making for a great stroll around the village.

Even if you’re not into the slope sports, the Village is a great place to spend some time at even if it just for the afternoon. GREAT restaurants, shops to visit, and accommodation levels to suit everyone.

The patios at many of the restaurants were open with skiers and non-skiers being able to enjoy a meal and beverage of choice while basking in these unseasonably warm temperatures.

While we were there, they even had a DJ playing music from a stage set up in the middle of the events square.


We finished off our afternoon, with a stop at Ashanti Coffee in Collingwood to grab a coffee for the trip home. We’ve had Ashanti coffee many times before, but this was the first time we had actually stopped in the cafe.

Although we got our order to go, the cafe was just about full of patrons. Next time, we’ll make sure to stop again, but take the time to sample some of their goodies in the cafe.


So, if you have an afternoon free or even better the whole day and are looking for something to do, take your honey and head over to the Village at Blue Mountain. Stroll around the streets and lane-ways; pick your favourite type of restaurant to stop for lunch; dinner, hey – maybe even both.

Visit the shops; people watch and then decide which place to stay at when you take that much needed weekend away.

Give a click to go the Blue Mountain Village website for all the skinny on skiing, restaurants, shops and accommodations, plus a TON of other activities to fill your days and evenings.

Just sayin’ – you need to head on over and check it out!!

Just to let you know, we’re heading back in a week or two to check out one of the restaurants for dinner and a stroll through the village at night. Gosh, I hope they have all the twinkly lights on!

One last picture, I think sums it up pretty well.

Although hard to see, the fella seems to be enjoying himself relaxing slope-side while rehydrating himself with an adult beverage of choice.

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