Baby – It’s a Dog’s Life


This being my first attempt at WordPress’ Daily Prompt of writing a blog post based on one word has forced me to put the brakes on, so to speak and think about “baby.”

Also, maybe this doesn’t really fit with the theme of our blog site – “you never know what’s around the next bend.” But then, you’ve just come around the next bend, and there it is “justabitfurther’s” blogging about “baby.” Bet you didn’t see that coming!

Right now I could say, “Baby, it’s raining outside.” Well, because it is. That’s a whole other story we could write about. My area of Canada, that being central Ontario, has experience experienced record-breaking mild temperatures over the past week or so. It’s February folks, not even March yet!

So, no children in the house. So, essentially no baby or babies.

But, we have a four-legged furry baby.

I use this face to get what I want. See, I’m their baby!

Gosh, that’s a cute face!

And baby, “It’s still raining outside.”


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