Short Outings – They Work!

Every once and while, the smell and sights of spring are in the air. Not necessarily the smell floating from a farmer’s field in the spring, but the “smell” of sunshine and warm temperatures. It’s on those days that our “subconscious outdoor antenna” tells us not to waste those precious hours. Get outside!

This past Tuesday in my area was one of those days. The previous two days had been snowy and miserable to say the least. I sent Lynn a text in the morning while at work telling her “be ready when I get home and we’ll throw the dog in the car and head over to the top of Blue Mountain to see what adventure we can find.”

By the time I got home at 1:00pm from work and we drove to Blue Mountain, it was pushing 2:30 or so. A short trip yes – but in hindsight, a well needed dose of “Vitamin N.”

When we where snowshoeing and such out west in the Rockies two years ago, the wind on one particular mountain top was a strong as I had ever felt. It actually blew a toque off my head – strong!

The wind at the top of Blue Mountain last Tuesday felt as strong as it was out west.

Picture doesn’t capture the velocity of the wind!

We had our dog with us, so we didn’t hike much along the top of Blue Mountain. Funny though, as we both where getting back in the car, we said almost at the same time, “that was the best – we need to come back on a windy day again.”

We drove back down through Blue Mountain Village, remarking that we should head over for dinner sometime and then wonder through the village as it’s all light up at night. The last time we where at Blue Mountain Village was last June and we had a GREAT time. Super place to visit. Take a minute and check out all about it village here!

After coming off Blue Mountain, we drove down Highway 26 towards Craigleith Provincial Park and turned down a side street that ended on Georgian Bay. By this time the sun decided to go home and a much more troublesome sky took over.




If pictures say a thousand words, Georgian Bay was telling us she was a bit moody last Tuesday.

Our afternoon lasted only a few short hours. But, it was one of those times where a small dose of outdoors medicine provided enough relief until the next time.

Every outing and adventure doesn’t have to be National Geographic worthy, it just has to be an outing.

Remember, do what they say and take Vitamin “N”(Vitamin Nature) everyday!

Thanks for reading!



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