Change and Little Things

Over the past couple of weeks and as I wrote about a week or so ago, changes occur whether we like it or not.

This has drawn me back to something I wrote last August about noticing the little things along the way.

Although the article was focused more on slowing down and enjoying the journey on a hike, it seems to me, or at least today it does, that the same analogy can be drawn about living.

Not sure if it’s only me, but many times change is perceived as bad, or at least the prospective of it being uncomfortable. Guess I’m coming to the realization that sometimes “you just can’t change the changes.” They’re coming whether we like them or not. So, why not slow down; embrace the change; look for the little things and enjoy the journey.

So, here’s the link back to what I wrote in August. It’s the Little Things Along the Way

I hope that it inspires you to slow and enjoy the little things. Life travels along at “light speed” and my experience has shown me living is hard enough without trying to make it harder.


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