Change – The Only Constant


The past number of months have brought to the forefront, that in life, the only constant is “change.” Death and taxes might rate right up there, but to me it’s “change.”

You see, “change” and I don’t always work well together. In fact, we never have.

I don’t normally do “change” very well. For me to do those “big changes”, I kind of need to see them coming in order to wrap my head around them. I hate change that sneaks up on you.

That small and easy stuff – I’m okay with. But bigger “changes” – not so well.

I do eventually adapt, but the prospect of what the change might mean – well let’s just say it can be terrifying.

It usually isn’t that way, but it sure starts out like that.

Lynn says, “You over-think things too much. Just go with the flow.” I’m sitting here thinking, “well, what does she mean by that?”

I kind of get the feeling sometimes that I’m my own worst enemy.

So, before I go off on some crazy tangent, this all started because of the Canada Revenue Agency and my daughter.

Since leaving home and heading off to school, she’s lived in a different place each year. Each year taxes are filed, but seeing as the wheels CRA in Ottawa and the province can turn awfully slow, tax returns, GST/HST cheques; Trillium benefit cheques where always one house move behind.


A question posed by number one daughter a few months back along the lines of, “hey, why haven’t I got any of that “free money” from the government in the last while,” lead to a phone call and a wonderful discussion with “a tax man.” It seems that stuff was mailed out, but always arrived at the place she had just moved out of.

Nevertheless, CRA came through; issued a bunch of new cheques, told the province to do the same, and behold OUR mail box was filled with money. Unfortunately, all this new-found wealth wasn’t OURS, so Lynn and I figured a road trip to take her the loot was a good idea.

Let’s leave the “run for the money – road trip” here for a moment.

Fast forward twenty-four hours from that point and Lynn gets a call late on a Friday night from our daughter, “my car died on the way home from work.” Seems a piston broke and punched large hole through the top of the engine. Seeing as the car was a 2002 – not going to invest several thousand dollars to fix it.

So, a week has been spent getting another car(2016 Mazda 3); changing insurance stuff and planning another road trip to unite daughter and new car. And amongst all of these conversations back and forth, my daughter indicated that she was thinking of selling her horse Gus.

What does all of this have to do with change you ask?

Well, it all dawned on me during that road trip and all during the “search for a new car week”, that this chapter of our life with our daughter was coming to a close and LIGHTNING FAST.

Our mature little girl, who because of skipping a grade and when her birthday falls, could have headed off to university as a 16-year-old(she didn’t), is now a beautiful mature woman out on her own; ready to tackle the world.

School is but a month or so from being done. She just headed out this week on a hard-fought for internship.

You see, it seems that she doesn’t need her dear old Dad to help quite as much anymore.

My gosh, it appears she’s quite capable of handling life on her own and doing it VERY WELL.

So, change is in the air.

But in reality, it’s all good.

Watching her spread her wings and soar – is good.

Watching her become the woman she has – is good.

So, it’s all good.

For a story to move along, one chapter has to close in order for another to open. As exciting as the previous chapters have been, can’t wait to see what the new ones will bring.




Yup, the only constant in life is change.

Stupid Canadian Revenue Agency.



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