Collingwood – A Couple of Hours of Bliss

We’ve all had one of those days, that type where you just can’t wait to rush off the job. The lunacy that sometimes rears its ugly head at work making you wish you were somewhere else at that moment. Combine that with a day that is relatively warm and sunny during a winter of snow, snow and more snow. Well, can you take a guess where this is going?


Sometimes, just need to climb the blinds and make a break for it, even is it is only for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Lucky for me I’m done work at noon on Monday and Tuesday. Great you say? True, but my day is half over when many of you are just starting, which means getting up even before the birds are awake.

Monday was one of those days – just needed to get away; away from the craziness. We decided to take a much-needed outing over to Collingwood and spend a bit of time taking pictures and walking the dog along the harbour area.

Collingwood and the surrounding area is a part of central Ontario we’ve come to love over the years. From the abundance of recreational and sporting pursuits available; restaurants, along with the rich history of the community – Collingwood never fails to deliver.

Of the many things the town has to offer, we particularly enjoy the extensive trail system and specifically the trails along the waterfront.

In a nutshell we find the waterfront:

  • scenic
  • well laid out
  • well constructed and maintained
  • plenty of historical plaques and information on the history of Collingwood along the way(primarily ship building which I enjoy)

Here’s a few pictures taken by Lynn on our afternoon along the Collingwood harbour-front.


Even a day made frustrating by work can be salvaged  by a few hours spent outside. The opportunity to feel the warm sun on your face; letting fresh air fill your lungs; having your mind and soul made anew one more time makes it all worth while. Every adventure in the outdoors doesn’t have to be worthy of National Geographic, it just needs to be outdoors.

So, get outside. Gosh, even just take a lawn chair and set in the snow on your back deck in the sun will help.

Even better, drive over to Collingwood. Park your car and take a stroll along the waterfront and through the main street downtown. Have lunch – head over towards the grain elevators – there’s a great parking area at the very end of it giving spectacular views of the harbour and the ski hills.

While you’re over by the grain elevator, come back towards to boat slips – you’ll find some great information boards on the history of Collingwood and it’s shipbuilding heritage. Look for the little metal plaques in the concrete walkway – they list the hull numbers and ship names of the boats built-in Collingwood over the years.

Head on over, you won’t be disappointed!

Maybe give this a click for more information on Collingwood and the great things it has to offer!

Chat later!



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